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Top-Notch Tile Trends To Keep In Mind!

This year, don’t miss out on some of the hottest tiles trends. The colour, pattern, design, and texture of these tiles enable you to set up an astonishing look. It also allows you to go wild with experimentation and exploration. Let’s talk about the most sizzling tile trends and how you can incorporate them into your home.

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Fascinating Tile Trends to Go For!

Marble Tiles

Marble never goes out of style and it has been in use for a long time. People still prefer marble flooring over other options. The continuous use for thousands of years proves it. Without a doubt, marble is the epitome of royalty and luxury. Natural marble is expensive but its unique characteristics easily justify the price. With the advent of technology, one gets easier and closer alternatives to natural marble.

Marble tiles are one of the most preferred options for those who want to have a marble-like appearance without spending more. A better option compared to this is MarbleX. It is an artificially created marble that has an immense range of colours and designs. So, choosing marble can uplift the face of your house.

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are one of the most unique types of trends that surface now and then. The best thing about terrazzo design is that it comes in an array of attractive designs and colours. In the past terrazzo tiles have been used in public mostly but recently it has made their way into the indoors too.

The bathroom is the most suitable and popular space to use a terrazzo design. Because it delivers a seamless look when you match the flooring and wall tiles. Hallways, bedrooms, and kitchens are also good places to use these tiles. You can either go for colourful terrazzo tiles or classic brown ones. Regardless of your choice, an elegant look is guaranteed.

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Bright Colours

For a very long people have picked neutral hues for wall tiles. No doubt, they go great with every space. But it’s time to break the monotony and hop onto the growing trends of bright colours. The wall tiles or floor tiles can look beautiful even if you decide to use bright shades of blue and green.

Creating a bright-coloured accent wall is also a good idea for a unique look. One might think that the living room and bedroom are the only places to utilize these dazzling colours. But the same holds true for the bathroom and kitchen as well. All you need to do is carefully select your desired kitchen and bathroom tiles. A subtle wall colour paired with a bright colour is also an excellent idea.

Floral Tiles

Nature is admired by us all and we too wish to get closer to it. Since we are living in a jungle of concrete it is tough to incorporate nature into our houses. But, the latest tiles trend might help you with that. Floral tiles have bounced back into use recently. Freshen up your interior by adding a beautiful touch of floral tiles. These tiles don’t have to be hideous and have huge floral patterns. Instead, the newer varieties of tiles are delicate and full of artful floral designs. Floral tiles can revamp the space playfully and create a light-hearted vibe around it. Yet again this trend works well with any area of your house, including the bathroom.

Black & White Pattern

Black and white flooring tiles are not new. But their popularity never seems to die off. Their trend is evergreen just like marble floor tiles. You can easily consider this tile design to be one of the first to enter the market. The contrast between these two colours seamlessly blends into any design. Black and white tiles are more appropriate for flooring instead of wall tiles. The bathroom and hallways are prime locations to install them. But the balcony and patio area are good enough. The best thing about this trend is you can use the material of your choice. That means you get quite a range of options such as marble, granite, tiles, vitrified tiles, and so on. You can also combine this and the floral trend by selecting a tile that offers both things!

Hexagonal Tiles

A Hexagonal is the most satisfactory geometric shape. And geometry works very well with tiles. That is why hexagonal tiles are picking up the trend. Hexagons are natural shapes and thus spice up the whole space. The hexagonal tiles are easy to install and offer the freedom of creating the desired look by mixing up the pattern. They can be used to cover large surfaces such as floors and full walls, as well as to create designs in conjunction with other tiles, on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Both lighter and darker hues of tiles can be used for the hexagonal pattern. Moreover, other geometric patterns look equally appealing if installed correctly.

We all love to create trendy interiors in our homes. Tiles are the most versatile material to decorate any space in the house. These were some of the greatest and chic ways to beautify your house. The addition of white marble tiles, terrazzo tiles, or other coloured tiles can elevate the entire look of your house. Select your favourite trend and go for it!

Not sure where to look for the tiles that you want? Then, check out AGL tiles. Their incredible collection of tiles and marble is remarkable. You can explore the wall, floor, outdoors, parking, bathroom, and other specific tiles to find your ideal one!

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