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Top UI Ideas to Make Website More User Friendly in 2021

Offering the best user interface to your customers is a perfect solution to reach top positions on the web. The best user interface or user experience will make users fall in love with your website. But why are we focusing on user experience? Well, it’s a long story, stay with us to know.

Websites and applications have become more dynamic and interactive these days to deliver users what they are looking for. The ultimate goal of website design services is to inform your customers about your business in all possible ways, and if your website is not user-friendly, they will abandon your website. At the same time, prioritizing your customer’s needs and requirements while designing your website will help you reach your business goals. A website with good design, organized elements, and a quick responsive website attracts more users and generates better leads. But following rules and Webomaze Pty Ltd will help you achieve this.

Tips to make website User friendly

  • Easy Navigation 

Navigation is the most crucial designing factor that you need to pay attention to while designing a website. Websites with easy navigation always raise interest among users and increase good usability. Beautiful web design only is not enough when it comes to creating a web for users. Navigation allows users to understand your website structure and help them to find what they are looking for. Navigation allows users to land on that particular page in no less time, automatically making your web page user-friendly. Whereas websites that are difficult to navigate can increase website difficulties, users will find it challenging to land on any particular page on your site. It can lead to a bad user experience and can divert users away from your website.

  • Create an excellent home page 

No matter how beautiful your inner pages are, if your home page is not appealing, your users will definitely move to another site. The website’s home page is the first page where your audience is going to land, so it is crucial to prioritize your web homepage before designing further. Banner, graphics, content, header & footer, etc., are some of the essential designing factors that every designer should keep on their checklist. Try to make homepages as simple as possible because simple website designs are easy to follow and provide the best user experience.

  • Website loading speed

Slow-loading websites may cause you to lose your potential customers and probably may not come back. Websites that load fast always give the best user experience to their customers and help build a long-term customer base. A website with a loading time below 5 sec is ideal for your customers to offer the best user interface and user experience. Loading time is a major contributing factor that helps increase website traffic and web-site ranking on search engine pages.

  • Quality Content

Visual, text, or stats any form of content attracts users to take action on your website. Quality content helps people understand your business better and motivates them to browse your website. Web content is different from other content types, and it should be more detailed, appealing, and attention-grabbing. If your website content meets all these standards, then nothing can stop you reaching your business goals. Optimized quality content not only makes your website beautiful but also helps rank your web on search engine pages.

  • Call to Action 

UX web-site design, including a call to action, may successfully increase conversion rate and motivate users to take action. Read more, Buy now, Call now, Checkout now, etc., are some of the most used call-to-action buttons that encourage users to click on for further queries. It helps increase engagement rate and conversion on your web-site. If you’re planning to incorporate call-to-action into your web-site, then it should be clear, place it in the right position, navigate users to the right page, and clickable.

  • Avoid any distractions

Ads, irrelevant content, pop-ups, etc., can divert user’s attention towards something else, and you will fail to deliver your message clearly and effectively. Remove everything which is not necessary to include on your website. Instead of this, you can include only things which are 100% necessary and benefit your users.

  • Add videos and images. 

One single image is equal to 100 words. Adding images and videos to your website makes your website beautiful and helps users understand your message clearly. With the help of images and videos, you can give your users in-depth information about your products and services and also provide answers to their queries. It helps increase credibility, build trust among users and offer a better user experience to your users.


Website development and designing is a complex process because we make websites for our users, not for self-use. So, we have to think from their mind. We need to identify and analyze what our users want and build strategies accordingly. If you’re also struggling with the same, these seven tips will hopefully fulfill your purpose and provide the users what they are looking for.

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