Tracking Your Marketing Efforts

When it comes to marketing just a little goes far. Every business is trying to boost sales, however often, businesses have a difficult achieving this when they are working on a budget for marketing. A key aspect of marketing is keeping track of your performance, to determine which aspects are bringing the greatest outcomes.

The majority of business owners have been in the belief that it’s nearly impossible to boost sales without boosting their marketing efforts. When you are managing leads and customers to their fullest capacity. Businesses will realize that there is no need to invest in a huge marketing budget. Most companies don’t realize that their current strategies for marketing work, however, they are not being monitored properly. There are certain steps that are inexpensive that you can take to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing plans. Yuri Shafranik

An extremely useful technique.

If you have different numbers for certain ads, social websites, or another marketing tool that you’re investing effort and time into, then you will be able to monitor through phone calls which are doing better. If a client calls to inquire about something or asks for something to be put to hold, that they have seen advertised, you’ll know the marketing channel you should thank them for.

Similar to having distinct numbers for phone calls is to make use of coupons to purchase certain occasions. If someone walks in to redeem the coupon or inputs their coupon when they pay. You’ll know precisely which marketing initiatives led to that particular sale. Contact other businesses in the area that you have a great connection with to post coupon codes at cash registers.

Another fantastic and free method of determining the extent to which your marketing strategies are effective is to ask each new customer what they thought of your business! This may seem to be old-fashioned, but not many companies in the service or retail industry have this question. If you run an online company, have a field in the check-out process where you ask your customer how they discovered you, and then list all the channels that you have used to promote your business to allow them to choose.

With these simple strategies, it’s definitely worthwhile to monitor your marketing strategies. Instead of raising your budget for marketing learn the ways to improve what you’re already doing. If you notice that certain initiatives appear to be more successful than others, you need to cut back on spending in other channels and put your focus or money on the ones that are working. Yuri Shafranik

Small Business Social Media Strategy

Learn how to use social media to propel your business to the next step regardless of your business or your brand. If you’re trying to enhance your small-business strategies for social media, Fora Financial is here to help you!


Twitter is an excellent tool for using social media to help small businesses with promotion. Create brief messages for your faithful customers about your products or specials, as well as other important details. Because Twitter is a platform that limits tweets up to 140 characters for tweets, it’s vital to use hashtags. When you use hashtags on your tweets you’ll be able to attract users who are interested in information relevant to your business. As a result, you’ll boost the engagement of your posts. If you need help in this regard, you can use websites such as Hashtagify to discover popular hashtags for your posts.


When you are on Facebook your company can publish its hours of operation along with its address and other pertinent details. Use Facebook to connect to your customers and to get them interested in your business. If your company frequently holds major events or sales ensure that you create a Facebook event that people are able to RSVP for. This will let you know the number of attendees you’ll be able to count and also, hopefully, more people will learn about it on Facebook. Be aware that your business page should not be used as a personal profile. Do not make a mistake on Facebook otherwise you could be at risk of losing customers!


With LinkedIn, your company can communicate industry information along with company news, as well as hiring opportunities. When users think of marketing strategies for small-sized entrepreneurs. They are thinking of advertising products or services to their customers. You must be thinking about future employees as well. The future of your small-scale company is dependent on having motivated, bright employees! Making sure you post regularly on LinkedIn will ensure that you get skilled employees who are eager to work for your company.

When you use social media for small-scale business marketing consider the kind of content that will be interesting. A lot of social media users like watching YouTube video clips, therefore, you should consider creating videos for your small-scale company. The videos can be instructional that explain how your company is running. Give an insight into your company’s culture, and more. Make sure to be imaginative, and add an invitation to action at the close!

Marketing for small-scale entrepreneurs doesn’t need to be difficult! If you are able to develop a small business marketing strategy for your social networks. You will be able to utilize this strategy to benefit. Make use of the social channels to advertise your brand’s image. And engage with customers can help you increase your sales. We at Fora Financial, constantly update our blog and share our stories via Facebook or tweeting. About ways small businesses can benefit from the working capital solution. If your small-scale company has a presence on social networks, we’d like for you to share your story.



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