Trends Affecting Protective Packaging Materials

There are millions of products that are shipped from one destination to the other every day. It might be e-commerce packaging or not, but packaging materials are always in high demand.

That’s why every year, the packaging industry produces some of the most unique trends. From sustainability to trending packaging materials, there is no shortage of protective packaging trends in the industry.

As an online business, despite the increasing demand, it is your responsibility to make sure the products reach their destination safely. In the end, you cannot rely on handlers to be careful. Sure, fragile packages are taken care of, but packages are likely to be dropped or mishandled during transport.

To avoid this, you need protective packaging. Every product has different sets of requirements in terms of protective packaging. These packaging supplies are nothing but materials designed to prevent goods from magnetic, electrostatic, atmospheric, vibration, or shock damage.

With the accelerated rise in online shopping since the pandemic, manufacturing companies are making considerable investments in protective packaging materials.

In fact, a report by Research Dive states that in North America alone, the protective packing market will reach $262,748 million by 2025.

Result of Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Packaging Supplies

Since 2019, there has been a steady rise in climate change protests and demand for sustainable alternatives.

As the millennials and Gen Z expand the workforce and become the larger section of online consumers, recyclability, sustainability, and environmental issues are taking centre stage.

It has been reported that around 49% of the crowd looks for a brand with eco-friendly options.

Programs like LOOP are responsible for zero-waste packaging, eco-friendly packaging materials. Even small bubble wrap rolls are now being available in alternative materials than plastic.

Change in E-Commerce Packaging

E-commerce is here to stay.

Major e-commerce brands are ensuring that protective packaging is strong along with being sustainable.

With customers expressing dissatisfaction overuse of excess packaging materials, the focus is being given to minimalistic protective packaging.

Businesses are finding solutions to put a balance between properly packing their products without utilising excess supplies. For instance, companies are using small bubble wraps for jewellery, cosmetics, and other non-fragile items instead of big bubble wraps.

The Rise in Smart Protective Packaging

Augmented reality, QR codes, RFID tech, gamification—all these fall under the idea of smart protective packaging. As technology is evolving, more interactive forms of packages are being designed.

We often see gamification in toys invoking an educational experience for the children. We are seeing more and more digital gaming experiences paired with traditional packaging materials. For example, toys inside chips packets or anime figures inside cereal boxes.

This rise in vintage, multimedia or interactive protective packaging draws customers with a moving unboxing experience.

Some Trending Protective Packaging Materials Dominating the Industry

Choosing the right kind of protective packaging supplies makes a huge difference. They essentially keep the products safe from shock and impacts.

Padded Divider Sets

For smaller fragile items, divider sets work best to keep each part in different compartments.

They have a padded covering acting as an extra layer of protection. This particular material comes in different sizes and can be cut further to accommodate smaller items. Hence, this reduces packaging costs and unwanted wastage of supplies.

Packing Paper

Despite how it looks, packing papers are well capable of offering protection for shipped items. A thick, sturdy paper initially developed to store fish and meat is now being used to pack various items.

But not all packaging paper is robust enough. So, ensure you get your supplies from a well-known and trustworthy source like Packaging Midlands. With the use of some adhesive tapes, you are good to go.

Packaging Foam

It is a widely used form of protective packaging supply.

The versatility of packaging foam is what makes it different from other materials. It is made of a wide variety of materials that can be cut into any form.

Sheet foam, sponge rolls, egg crates are some of the well-known examples. Fragile objects like electronics, mirrors, glassware are often wrapped in packaging foam to prevent damage.

They don’t have any definitive shape yet are denser than packing peanuts. This allows them to mend into any shape without compromising the safety of the object.


Now that you know the residing trends of protective packaging in the industry invest some time to find the one that will work for you. Your shipping methods, products, and budget are some of the crucial denominators in this decision.

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