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Two Free Methods of Converting MBOX to PST File

Due to its protection, largest data storage items with emails, anti-spam facility, Exchange suitability, and more, Outlook email clients are popular and on-trend. Even other email clients like MBOX often migrate to Outlook due to the excellent and advanced capabilities of Outlook. In keeping with demand, the whole blog will focus on converting MBOX to PST using smart MBOX to PST converter techniques.

What advantages does the Outlook email client have?

  • Provides all mailbox data, such as contacts, tasks, and calendars.
  • Capacity for other email clients such as Exchange Server
  • Privacy protection and functionality than other email clients
  • A user interface that is interactive ensures that operations run smoothly.
  • Outlook data is saved in a developed file format.
  • Provides a greater number of languages than MBOX clients.
  • Data security includes anti-spam and password protection.
  • There is no need to connect to the internet to access items that have already been opened.

There are some free MBOX to PST conversion solutions that you can test. However, we do not guarantee data security with these techniques during the transfer process. It is therefore always strongly recommended to take backup of your MBOX file data before such an unlimited solution is performed. On the other hand, the free transformation possibilities are:

A. Converting MBOX to PST using EML files as a starting point

This answer requires saving the MBOX emails needed in the EML file format and exporting them via the import/export feature to the Outlook application. Know this simple procedure as described below. Let’s try.

Make a new directory and move MBOX file items: Access the email client first and right-click on any folder in the mailbox. Choose the New Folder option, give it a name and choose Creating Folder to create it. Now copy and paste or drag/drop desired MBOX e-mails to this new folder (for conversion).

Transfer to EML format: Choose and right-click all your MBOX files for conversion in that folder. Select the Save option for EML. Just provide a path to save EML files.

Start moving EML files to Outlook EML: Open the folder of the Outlook EML file and drag and drop the EML files previously saved.

Export EML files to PST files from Outlook: Open Outlook Import & Export wizard by following File>Import >Import/Export.

  1. Then choose Export to an optional file and click Next.
  2. Pick the next option for Outlook data file (.pst) and click Next.
  3. Just select this folder with EML files from the folders and click Next.
  4. Insert the PST file saving destination, select the copied items management option and click Finish.
  5. Finally, the MBOX file is transfer into a PST file.

Remember: The user can drag and drop the EML files exported from the MBOX email client into a separate directory of the opened Outlook application to move a few important emails in the EML files.

B. Multiple Email Client for Converting MBOX to PST

This technique involves several steps to eventually reach the transfer from MBOX to PST. The first stage involves moving MBOX files to the AppleMail client, the second phase is e-mail calls to Eudora client mailboxes, the third phase is Outlook Express mailboxes, and the final stage ultimately importing mailboxes from Outlook Express to Outlook.

Let us know, to be clear, the procedure steps, which only have to be followed in series.

Remember: To conduct this process, the user should install AppleMail, Eudora, Outlook Express, and Outlook on the system in advance.

1# AppleMail Import of MBOX

  1. Open the application AppleMail and follow the mailboxes File>Import.
  2. Just select MBOX Format File and click Continue to move on.
  3. Next, browse the conversion location of the MBOX file and select the option Select the items to be imported and then click Continue.
  4. The import process starts. When it’s finished, click Done.
  5. The MBOX file is being imported into AppleMail.

2# Eudora Email Client Mailbox Creation

Follow the steps as indicated:

1. Rename and add.mbx to the imported MBOX file first, for instance – test.mbx.
2. Go to this place C:Documents and SettingsData\Qualcomm\Eudora application and paste this test.mbx file imported.
3. Start your Eudora application now and select the test.mbx file as a mailbox to confirm its existence.

3# MBOX File Import to Outlook Express From Eudora

Do the importation process as follows:

  1. Begin the Outlook Express installed, then click File and select Import, then click Messages option.
  2. Select the option Eudora and click Next.
  3. Click OK, browse the MBOX file, test .mbx. Go further by clicking Next, Next again, and then click Finish.
  4. The MBOX file is saved in the Outlook Express local folders.

4# MBOX File Import From Outlook Express to Outlook

It is easy to move Outlook Express file to it by using the Import feature in Outlook. Let’s see the process.

  1. Start the application Outlook and go to File>Import>Import and Export.
  2. Select Import Internet Mail and Addresses from the opened Import and Export Wizard and click Next.
  3. Select the Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or Window Mail options and click Next to click on Outlook Express.
  4. After the import is finished, the conversion is over and MBOX is finally converted to PST.

Free Method Issues/Limitations

Limits to the application of the above native solutions by users are mention below:

  1. Complex indirect procedures
  2. Long and disturbing process
  3. No data integrity guaranteed
  4. Just transfer e-mails using the EML conversion method
  5. High probability of loss of data and properties
  6. Need technical expertise
  7. Conversion of small data only
  8. Loss of structure of MBOX folder risks
  9. Do not support conversion of multiple MBOX files
  10. Chances of corruption or loss of SMTP header
  11. More than one email client requires to download

If you don’t have an interest in risking or investing time in a free solution, you can automatically convert MBOX to PST using the DataHelp MBOX to PST Converter solution. It converts MBOX to PST directly with 4-5 steps only without any data limitations. The process is simple, precise, and efficient, but the perfect transformation takes just a few minutes. Take a trial and then decide to own the demo version on the site.

End of Up

We would like to conclude this blog with the evaluation that free solutions are available for converting MBOX to PST, but these processes are all indirect, complex, and long. You can’t rely on it completely, too. Therefore it would be better, time-saving, and efficient to convert MBOX into PST via an intelligent professional tool.

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