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Understand The Benefits Of Hiring A Conveyancing Solicitor For Your Property

From surveyors to estate agents and lawyers, you will find a variety of property conveyancing solicitors you can be in contact with when purchasing or selling your property.

It’s extremely helpful to understand exactly what solicitors do to assist you when you purchase (and sell) the home you’ve been looking for. This is referred to as conveyancing, and its intricacy could take the most experienced homebuyers by shock.

Conveyancing is the legal aspect of transferring ownership of a home from the seller to an individual buyer. Typically, it takes about eight weeks, and it involves several steps.

This guide will help to prepare yourself, anticipate any surprise, and work together with the solicitor you choose to help make the purchase as smooth and easy as you can.

The purchase of a home is likely the biggest investment you’ll ever make, and it is essential to be aware of the roles that each individual will play during the selling process.

If you begin the selling process without sufficient information, it could lead to confusion, possible delays and additional expenses. Therefore, it is advisable to take the time to learn the process during the process.

Benefits Of Hiring A Conveyancing Solicitor

The main advantage of using a conveyancing lawyer is that they’re educated in all legal services and specialise in conveyancing.

This means that they are knowledgeable of other legal procedures to utilise, in addition to the accessibility to a comprehensive collection of legal advice through their professional networks and practices.

If you are purchasing and selling a house simultaneously, it makes perfect sense to choose the London conveyancing solicitors for both. While this isn’t an obligation under the law, it can aid in the communication process to flow more easily.

Services Covered by a Conveyancing Solicitor

A conveyancing lawyer can handle and take care of all aspects of your property purchase or sale, but the three main stages are like this:     


A conveyancing lawyer can examine the contract’s draft in-depth and identify any areas that require further research. For instance, if the property is leasehold or freehold

Property Searches 

Various negative issues aren’t disclosed when a house is placed on the market. They could be due to the property being situated on a floodplain area, with limited planning permissions.

But, again, a thorough search will place you in a good negotiating position or allow you to think about the potential issues before you decide to sell the property.


Once the conveyancing process is completed, your conveyancing attorney will complete the transaction by transferring the deeds and making payment of any stamp tax that is due on the property and making sure that the transfer of ownership is recorded in the registry of land.

Why Conveyancing Matters?

The cost of property is very high. Therefore, when you decide to purchase one, you need to ensure that you know exactly what you’re buying and that you truly own it according to the rules of law.

In the event of a mishap, you could be in a tense disagreement over something so minor like where you park your vehicle – or as serious as finding out that the land upon the property where your home is constructed is leased to you and nearing expiration.

While it is possible to manage conveyancing on your own, the majority of people prefer to hire property lawyer London, typically an attorney.

Your Solicitor To Instruct You

You’ll have to engage (‘instruct’) your solicitor when the offer to purchase a home is accepted. Therefore it’s best to have a couple of alternatives in place.

Your property law firm will send you the terms of engagement (including their fees as well as the deposit you must pay).

Then, they will get in touch with the solicitor representing your seller to request an agreement draft and necessary forms and documents, like the title deeds to the property.

Leasehold Or Freehold?

Your property law solicitors will go over the contract’s draft and other documents to determine what should be further investigated. In the end, both you and your solicitor have to determine whether the property is leasehold or freehold.

Check the duration of any lease. Anything less than 80 years can be a problem, while a lease of fewer than 60 years is better avoided at all costs.

Property Searches

What do you not know about the property? There’s a good chance that there’s an amount of information hidden beneath the surface both literally and metaphorically that range from obligations to make payments for local Church repairs . This is the reason why your solicitor should search for your property. Some are just common sense.

The search results can reveal issues such as the local degree of risk from flooding and ground contamination and radon gas, the location of drains (which could impact plans to extend the property), soil stability .

The discovered data could provide you with a better negotiation situation or prompt you to reconsider your incomplete purchase. In the end, it will give the buyer peace of mind.

Forms And Documents

While your solicitors in London are taking care of all the above, you must read the documents the seller has supplied. Particularly:

Contents And Fittings Form (TA10)

 For instance, you could be fortunate to have the seller who will leave behind a great refrigerator and cooker.

Sometimes, they might decide to leave something behind (like an old, battered wardrobe) which you’d prefer to take with it.

Form For Information About The Property (TA6)

It covers various information regarding the property, including the boundaries, previous building work and planning permissions and parking facilities.

 So review it thoroughly and ensure that your solicitor follows the same thing if there’s something you’re not sure about.

After The Completion

The lawyer in London also forwards an original copy of your title documents to the mortgage lender. The legal documents at the Land Registry within about three weeks. It’s a long and stressful process, from making an offer that is successful to owning your house.

However, the assistance of a reputable solicitor could make the process much more manageable.


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