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Useful MacBook Pro/Air Hints for Newbies

The number of consumers looking to purchase a MacBook for personal use has increased recently. This occurs for many reasons, but it’s important to remember that making a change like this usually doesn’t lead to any major complications.

There is a sizable gap between the two, therefore new MacBook owners will benefit greatly from having a tutorial prepared for them.

Spend enough time with your MacBook, and you’ll soon be able to classify yourself as an expert user.

1. A lack of suitable storage facilities

Disk space might be quickly depleted if you aren’t attentive.

Don’t freak out if this happens to you; instead, think creatively about how to get out of the jam. And get started by erasing old files, documents, and photographs. There should be no permanent copies of the cache or any other temporary files either.

It would appear that there are still folks who aren’t taking use of free cloud storage options like Apple’s iCloud. The search for a secure location to save your files is arduous.

2. Applications Finder and Spotlight

These two preinstalled programs work wonderfully together. And are a boon to anyone who needs to obtain information? As an added bonus, Spotlight also includes a calculator and the ability to convert units of measure. While Finder provides quick access to cloud storage services like iCloud and Dropbox.

These two built-in programs complement one another and are indispensable for every Mac user who needs to locate any kind of data.

Spotlight includes tools like a calculator and unit converters. While Finder provides quick access to services like iCloud and Dropbox.

3. The Mac App Store

Some programs are available for download from various places. However, the Mac App Store should be your go-to for all software needs. provides useful tips for new users to access their MacBook Pro/Air easily.

All the apps have been checked and authorized by Apple, so there’s no danger of downloading something malicious.

4. Erroneous assumptions about malware and viruses

You may come across the ridiculous claim, “MacBook does not need antivirus software,” online.

Protecting your computer from malicious software and viruses is essential. Don’t be that person who accidentally deletes everything on their MacBook and then feels bad about it. Put Anti-Virus software on your Mac at all times.

5. Safari

Although Safari is preinstalled on all Macs. This does not always indicate that it is the best browser for every situation.

For starters, you may give this browser a go and see whether you like it. It’s possible that you’ll come to really enjoy using this browser.

6. Create a quick shortcut on your MacBook for anything.

To create a custom shortcut keyboard on your MacBook and access any menu item:

  1. Click the plus sign (+) in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts.
  2. A dialogue box will appear, allowing you to tailor the target program, menu action, and keyboard shortcut to your preferences.
  3. Select “Add” afterward.

7. Renaming many files at once 

You may change the names of many files and images at once on your MacBook. If you wish to rename many files or images at once, you should use Finder’s Shift-click method. Select the Rename X items menu item by right-clicking. When you’re done picking out your targets, you can either tap the gear icon or right-click the selection and choose Rename X items. Then you may apply a format that numbers each photo or combine text, or alter text.

8. Quickly access your files in Folder 

Whether you’re using Finder or your desktop, holding down the Command key. And clicking the down arrow key will take you to the desired folder. Holding Command while pressing the up arrow key will take you back one level.

9. Instantly remove your file:

Select the file you wish to remove and press Option + Command + Delete at the same moment to delete it without first moving it to the Trash Can.

10. Snapshots from the Screen.

On your Mac, you may take one of two kinds of screenshots:

  1. Shift + Command + 3 captures a screenshot, Shift + Command + 4 lets you pick a region of the screen to capture, and the lesser-known Shift + Command + 5 brings up an interface that allows you to record your entire screen or a selected region of it as a video.
  2. Improved Screenshots by Pressing Space bar While Using Shift + Command + 4 to Select an Area on the Display. You can now take a screenshot of a specific window by selecting it.
  3. However, you must ensure that the screen only shows the specific information or images that you intend to display.
  4. Now you can hear the noise a camera produces when taking a photo by pressing Command + Shift + 3.

11. Should any liquid enter your MacBook

You should immediately turn off your MacBook so that the internal components don’t get damaged.

Because the combination of water and electricity might be dangerous, remember to remove the power chord once you’ve shut down the laptop.

Definitely use a permeable towel to wipe away the water.

In order to drain any liquid that may be trapped within your Mac, you should turn it upside down.

Instead of waiting a few hours for it to evaporate on its own. You may use a hair dryer to dry your MacBook thoroughly and then turn it back on.

Try restarting it to see whether it’s still operational. Good news if it does! If not, Apple’s support team will need to be contacted so that a repair may be made to your MacBook.


Have you been having trouble starting your MacBook?

You should have your MacBook fixed as soon as possible from a MacBook Repair Center to avoid further complications.

In order to get your broken MacBook fixed, you need to bring it to the best repair shop in town. Verify that it effectively repairs the issue.

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