Version XI Pink Ready To Wear TOP For Girls

Ladies Dresses 2021 is important it gives you value. Ladies Tops, on the other hand, are critical to meeting the goals. When paired with the appropriate tops, the dresses become fit and stylish. Get what you deserve with the latest Version XI Pink collection of fashionable Women’s Tops in Pakistan.


Fashion Sense


Maintain your fashion sense. It is very simple to have a diverse collection of collections online. Girls can select the ideal tops to match all types of dresses. The Ladies Tops available on Version XI are in line with the most recent trends and styles. All of the tops for girls are from VXIpink, which provides high-quality products at reasonable prices. The color combinations make it simple for the girls to find the ideal dress. It is necessary to see the plain girls’ tops presented by well-known designers. The tops, on the other hand, are available in a variety of fashionable color combinations. They offer an open opportunity for online shoppers to make a direct purchase.


Almost every young person in this millennial generation and age aspires to have a distinct appearance. We will never accept “twinning” with a random stranger in a crowd wearing the same t-shirt or outfit. If you want to stand out from the crowd, ditch your everyday clothes and opt for Designer Tops. These outfits are designed and created at local designer fashion houses, as the name implies. They are made of high-quality fabrics and feature one-of-a-kind cuts, stitches, and embroidery techniques to enhance your figure.

Women’s Tops of Various Styles


Western clothing has popular in Pakistan for a long time. The majority of Pakistani brands produce clothes inspired by western culture combined with traditional create clothing that appeals to every woman. Women’s t-shirts, kurtas, tunic tops, peplum dresses, short shirts, high-low shirts, kaftans, poncho tops, and other tops are popular in women’s fashion.


Every type of ladies top looks good when paired with a specific type of look. Every flatters a different body shape, such as a top with a fitted bodice and a flared lower area that flatters apple-shaped bodies, tops with cinched in waists that flatter pear-shaped bodies, ruffled tops that flatter rectangular body shapes, and so on. With an ever-expanding selection of ladies’ tops in Pakistan comes an ever-expanding selection of bottoms, including gharara pants, cigarette pants, tulip pants, Patiala shalwar, Balochi shalwar, dhoti shalwar, boot cut, and much more. 


Here are some of the top Available On Version XI Pink

Kurtis for women


In Pakistan, the Kurti is one of the most popular types of tops. You can find ladies Kurtis made from a wide range of fabrics, various cuts, and an even wider range of colors. Version XI Pink that sells ladies’ Kurtis in Pakistan and Birmingham carries printed Kurtis for casual wear.


Long Top


Tank tops are commonly paired with jeans for casual wear. Many printed tops can be worn with a jacket or a shrug for a more modest look.


Tunics Top


Tunic tops are thigh-length tops that can be worn with shalwars, trousers, jeans, tights, and other clothing. Designer tunics, like Kurtis, have a wide range of applications and can be found in both casual wear collections as printed tunic tops and formal wear clothing lines.


Peasants Top


Peasant Tops are inspired by Bohemian fashion trends and come in a variety of attractive prints and patterns. The tops have a laid-back vibe, and their flowy silhouettes flatter a wide range of body shapes. It is popular for its flared design, airy and timeless appeal, and it is typically worn with jeans or trousers.


Tops with Ponchos


Poncho tops are derived from Native American fashion and come in a variety of lengths. The Pocho top’s loose flowy cut makes it look classic and elegant. These tops are available in various fabrics and designs and are worn throughout the year in different seasons.


Remember that the materials and stitching styles used for the lady’s tops are durable. Tops for girls are on sale regularly. Version XI Pink offers reduced shipping charges on all ladies Tops purchases in Pakistan. 


Women’s Crop Top

This ethereal Crop top by Label Ritu Kumar is a must-have for all young fashionistas! It has delicately done thread floral embroidery on it. The round neckline with a back zip closure adds a glam touch to your ensemble. Wear it to any traditional party or gathering, and your friends will wonder if Spring has arrived early this year!

Cotton SHirt

A breezy cotton shirt’s comfort and classiness can’t be overstated! It’s a pinstripe-style white and blue Mandarin shirt top. It features the formal appearance of a men’s dress shirt and the refinement of a women’s A-line top! Thanks to the exquisite floral embroidery on one side, it can easily become one of your favorite clothes in the closet.

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Floral Lace Tops


If you had to explain feminism in one word, it would most likely be French lace! That is absolutely correct! A finely woven lace accentuates any woman’s best features! The velvety maroon top is easy to slip on and instantly gives you that “date-ready” vibe! You can combine it with a maroon or black inner because it’s a semi-sheer fabric. The intricately crafted high neck collar eliminates the need for a second piece of clothing.

Top with an Umbrella Cut


Prepare to blown away as we showcase this fashionable Umberalla Cut Top! With its beautiful floral motif, the flowy yellow shirt looks like a midnight dream! This gorgeous dress also has a surprise feature — the attached pallu! Yes! This popular fusion costume is a superb blend of the western gown and the traditional gown.

peplums Tops

 The lovely green top is constructed of a delicate self-design net that adds a subtle touch of elegance to your figure. This attractive shirt features a high neckline with a sweetheart bustier liner that helps to define your neckline. A gathered peplum hides your large waistline and hips, making you appear curvy. This cut can add a non-existent waist and give you a larger appearance, even if you are really frail!

Frill Tops 

Wear frills when in doubt! Even on the wildest days, this sophisticated trend will never let you down. The peaceful yellow tone relaxes your mind, while the layers of frills rejuvenate your youthfulness. Wear it with any white bottoms and glitzy accessories to look like a million dollars!

 Floral Lace Tops


The delicate lace fabric of this mint-green top flatters most petite forms. It is mid-length and has a little sleeve. A lovely bow on the waistline draws attention to the contours while remaining stylish. For further covering and comfort, a hosiery lining is inserted.

Top with Leopard Print

Leopard print tops are the most popular of all animal prints. They can make you look both casual and edgy. It’s important not to choose a top that’s too tight, as a leopard pattern that’s too tight can make you look garish. They look best in loose, flowy materials and go well with a plain skirt or solid-colored trousers. On this one, the accessories should be kept to a minimum.


Long top in the style of a Kurti

With a pair of blue denim, this vibrant top looks fantastic. The V neckline with collar gives you a semi-casual style that’s ideal for Friday workplace wear. When combined with long earrings, it gives you the perfect ‘desi-girl’ style. This top can also be worn with capris for a more relaxed style.

Black Lace and Solid Top

With its feminine design, this black designer top may make you look like a diva. There is black transparent lace along the neckline and a little above the chest region. The lady wears a belt around her waist, which adds to her elegance. While resting atop the white shorts, the top is loose fitting and flared. It’s ideal for get-togethers and date nights.

Women’s Striped Tops

Striped designer tops for women are always in style. They should be in every girl’s wardrobe because they never go out of style and always make statements. In addition, vertical stripes may enhance a woman’s body, and when paired with a contrast trouser or skirt, it’s impossible to go wrong.

Girls Top with Full Sleeves

Depending on the bottom, this salmon-pink full-sleeved blouse can be worn semi-formal or casually. They’re perfect for the winter and fall seasons. For the humid Indian climate, a light cloth is also an option. Depending on how you wear them, long-sleeved tops can help you dress up or down.

Top: White of Ochre


This white top has a sloppy neckline that gives it a necklace-like effect. It’s made of a flowy fabric with a tiny ruffle in the middle. This top’s pattern is perfect for beach parties, informal get-togethers, and celebrations. They’re typically worn with shorts or tiny skirts. Wear it with a lovely hat and you’ll be set to take on the world.


Ladies’ Polka Dots Top

Another motif that has long been popular, owing to Bollywood fashionistas, is polka dots. Polka dots have a popular choice for many girls since the Retro era until now. They appear to be cute, frilly, and a lot of fun. This black and white combination top is a wardrobe must-have.

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