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Video Streaming App Development: Key Features, Benefits and Costs

You are probably familiar with the convenience of an on-demand video streaming app like Netflix or Hulu. The content comes to you wherever and whenever you want it. You have access to thousands of movies and TV shows for a small monthly fee.

Video is by far the best way to communicate your brand’s message. Video is interactive and has the potential to outperform other marketing mediums. The video streaming app is powered by customizable templates for your business. These templates allow users a seamless way of watching and interacting with content.

You must create a video streaming app that makes it easier for users to find what they need on the app and less time is spent navigating through the app. These different templates can be customized in different ways and are a great outlet for businesses to highlight their products and services.

Benefits of Building the Video Streaming App for Your Business

Nowadays, many small businesses have created video streaming apps for their business to gain more audiences and enhance ROI. Below we will discuss some benefits to create a video streaming app:

1. Connect With the Right Audience

Video platforms are ideal for connecting streamers and users. It enhances the trust relationship between creators and followers. The video streaming app allows users to engage customers with the most effective commenting systems and get real-time feedback.

2. Increased Conversion Rate

You can create a video streaming app that lets you grow and engage your audience with video reviews and live video feeds. So, if you are delivering informative and timely content to your audience via high-quality audio and video streaming.

Within this situation, you’ll be able to easily expand your audience, which you’ll be able to convert without difficulty.

3. Availability in different formats

As you know, video streaming apps are available in a variety of formats; your audience will appreciate the convenience. At the touch of a button, they can watch your live stream from the comfort of their own home or while traveling. So, your viewers will not feel compelled to watch your video right away.

4. Variety of Content

There’s no need to limit your ideas and distribution of videos when developing a video streaming application. You can include many features to make your content delivery appealing to a wide range of audiences.

Users can also create a video archive of the best videos from their business, from product reviews to behind-the-scenes footage.

5. Mobile Streaming

It is one of the major benefits of video streaming apps. So, it is critical to include live mobile streaming in your smartphone app. Consumers are more accustomed to mobile streaming than any other platform, which requires the adoption of mobile live video streaming solutions for improved accessibility.

6. Data Privacy and Security

It has become increasingly important to safeguard digital streaming data. With features of video streaming app builder, you can control access to your video content players and protect them from hackers.

IP-enabled access control, password protection, and token-based security are among the enhanced security features included in video streaming app development.

7. Content Monetization

Do you know that some professional video streaming services provide a variety of video monetization tools? This is the benefit provided by video streaming app builder.

You can restrict free access to your live streams by charging attendees for the event. The app allows users to create live streaming videos and present products or services to potential customers or fans.

Video Streaming Application Development Challenges

  •         Scalability

Streaming services are constantly adding new subscribers. So, to meet the needs of an increasing number of customers, the app must have scalable back-end support.

The developer must consider it while evaluating how to create video streaming app android. There must also be the ability to stream content without interruption.

  •         Security

A robust and reliable encryption algorithm is required to protect user data from misuse. Films, shows, and other types of content require valid rights to be acquired before they can be streamed, so make sure you have the ‌intellectual rights before streaming content in your streaming app.

  •         Streaming Quality

Streaming content from anywhere in the world is now possible thanks to advances in technology. Multiple CDNs are compared, and the best streaming quality network is relayed to users. So, video streaming is impossible without a CDN that supports streaming, outages, lagging cloud servers, and CDN issues.

Key Features to Consider While Building a Video Streaming App

1. Onboarding

You need to provide proper onboarding for your users. You can include basic features in a first visit to the streaming application. User Experience (UX) determines how users effectively use an app and can affect the brand image of the same.

2. Registration

The registration process should be simple for any user. If a new user cannot complete the task in a few seconds, they may become frustrated and leave.

To make the registration process quick and easy, include a sign-up option through social media profiles. Also, performance relates to the speed of a streaming application.

3. Video Library

When the product is launched, the video library should be easily accessible to the audience and appear on the first screen. This is one feature that made YouTube so popular around the world.

4. Watch Lists

As you learn about what your online video platform users like to watch, you should create watch lists for them. They will value your recommendations.

5. Ratings

It is a fact that asking users to rate content in your best video streaming platforms boosts engagement and time spent on the app. Users can leave feedback, and you’ll know how popular each broadcast is and which visitors to bring back.

6. Search and Discover

Finding content should be quick and simple. You can include a search box for your users on the first screen and save their preferences. Users can use this feature to follow their friends and be notified when they publish new videos.


This option is extremely useful for travelers and commuters who do not have a reliable internet connection. You can listen to your favorite playlist without an internet connection by downloading it.

8. Multi-Language Support

You can reach a larger audience by adding multi-language support to your video streaming platform. It will improve the usability of your platform and attract users from various regions.

9. Subscription

Users can select a subscription plan after logging in. It will provide users with access to all of their favorite movies and television shows, as well as other best online video platforms features

10. Offline Viewing

Another useful feature is offline viewing, which eliminates the need for an internet connection or makes viewing easier when the user’s connection is down. So there’s no need to download, and you can free up some storage space.

How much does it cost to develop a video streaming platform?

As you know, the cost to develop video streaming platform is determined by several factors. The major ones are the project’s complexity, required time, and the country in which your development team is based, such as:

  • Developers in the United States: $50 to $250 per hour
  • Developers in Eastern Europe: $30 to $150 per hour
  • Developers in India: $10 to $80 per hour

Costs based on features

When considering how to create video streaming app android, features are critical. So the question is, how can you calculate the exact cost? The solution is development time.

It varies, however, depending on the type of application, scale, and features. Complex features will take longer to develop. So, the total cost of developing a streaming app can be calculated‌:

Total app development cost = total number of hours required to develop an app * developer hourly rate

The cost estimation of video streaming app development cost is also influenced by several cost factors and engagement models that are equally important to consider, such as:

  • UI/UX design and research
  • Testing and launch
  • Technical documentation creation

What is the difference between the dedicated vs. fixed cost model in app development?

A fixed cost approach is one in which a video streaming app development company delivers a product within a specified timeline, pre-defined requirements, and budget that has been agreed upon. You do not have the option to change the project scope during the development stage. For short-term projects, it is the best option for businesses.

A dedicated model allows you to concentrate on the business aspects while the video streaming app development company handles the entire development process. It is an excellent approach for long-term projects with flexible scope and requirements.

Based on this information, we can estimate that android video streaming app development cost (MVP development) will cost between $10,000 and $30,000. A complex project with many features may cost between $200,000 and $350,000 in total.


To summarize, streaming and VOD technology are rapidly developing. Content creators, publishers, broadcasters, and consumers all want higher-quality content, faster download speeds, and new platforms. You can provide users with the best streaming experience possible by partnering with us. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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