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Ways To Boost Bounce Rate By Web Design Company In Toronto | Etrosoft

If you’re the owner of an online website, chances are you’re making use of Google Analytics to track traffic and user behavior. You may have noticed users are getting dropped off the site or performing the exact action because they were unable to finish the task. It’s not just you person facing this issue; many online business owners have faced similar issues.

The amount at which site users “bounce off” before converting is called the bounce rate. The most important element to any online marketing plan is your website. In the end having a low bounce rate may cause all the other efforts to market useless!

What is a great bounce rate for a website?

A website’s bounce percentage differs based on the industry and also from website to. However, as per Quick sprout these are the norms that are realistic for bounce rates:

  • Websites that have content 40% – 60 40%
  • 30 to 50% of leads are generated through this method.
  • 70% to 80 percent of people go through blogs.
  • 20-40% from retail websites
  • 10%-30% of sites that provide services
  • 70%-80 75%-90 % of landing pages

What Are the Risks of Having a High Bounce Rate?

Visitors aren’t visiting your site in the event that you have a bounce rate that is excessive. They’re simply navigating to a page and leaving without visiting the remainder of your website.If you’re running a one-page website, an excessive bounce rate is fine. It is something you should be aware of if you have a multi-page site. Here are some guidelines to follow by a web design company to increase the bounce rate of websites.

The time taken for loading a web page

When someone visits your mobile or website the duration it takes your site to be loaded is vital. If your site makes users wait, it’s much more frustrating. In the end, the user experience will get worse. Your site should load in 3 minutes or less. In the event that it’s taking more time, you have an increased chance of having an increase in bounce rates. Because the majority of people are impatient and won’t sit around on slow web pages. They’ll choose a speedier site instead of yours. Therefore, any unnecessary features on websites such as Flash which slow down the process need to remove. Limit the amount of pictures and videos to a minimum, and then compress the size of them. Reduce the amount of redirects to pages and HTTP requests. Eliminate any characters that aren’t needed from your code too.

Utilize a visual hierarchy to organize your information.

Making sure that your website’s most essential features are attractive is among the most crucial tips for web design we can offer. Large fonts, bold typefaces sizes and vivid colors can aid in the formation of an aesthetic structure. Utilizing clear, visual signals to tell the visitors on your website what is important and what’s not as important on your site.

Simple to Use

Visitors must be able to navigate the site with ease. When someone first visits the website, they need to be aware of where they should go next to locate what they’re seeking. If the navigation isn’t clear and not a bit confusing the user will probably leave the site. Users will quickly leave in the event that they’re unsure of which button to click next. On the other hand they can be a great instrument for directing users. If a website has an outline or navigation bar and the bounce rate is lower, it is lower. This is why you should make the navigation headers larger and prominent to make them easy to locate.

Use color well

If people aren’t able to perceive, they cannot read. They can’t read what they are unable to see. Make sure that your website’s text is of a distinct color from the background. There’s a reason the black writing on white paper is found in the majority of the books. It’s not difficult to grasp. It’s fine to play with colors and encourage; however, make certain that the colors you select are in harmony with one another. No one likes reading the bright blue font against an orange green background because the contrast is not enough while the words are hard to read. Similar to a lime green background and a bright pink font won’t work. There is too much contrast and could cause eyestrain for users. Choose colors that complement one another, and contrast enough to allow reading to be easy.

Make sure your Call-to-Action is pertinent to your target audience (CTA)

There should a clear defined call to take action on the web page that users can follow. It should be possible to discover it in just a few moments. CTAs CTA permits your users to take a variety of actions. To create an effective CTA you can use banners, ads, links video, as well as other forms of media.There’s a good chance that you’ll get a lot of bounces when your CTAs do not match the next webpage on the website.

Final words

A lot of online stores have an excessive bounce rate. The bounce rate varies based on the business and the website. Are you hoping that your site’s customers are interested in your site? So, if you’re experiencing higher bounce rates than average, you need to look at the reasons. Visitors will come back to your site if it’s friendly and provides the information they need.

Find a reputable web design Company in Toronto If you’re looking to decrease your bounce rate and increase engagement as well as improve conversions on your site. Alternately, you can employ web designers from web design Toronto who have many years of experience with website design and offer many web design and development services.

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