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What activities to do at the beach?

At the beach, it’s not just swimming and sunbathing! It is possible to do many beach activities, for children or adults. From the most classic to the most original, we have brought together the best activities to do at the beach.

What are the traditional activities to do at the beach?

The beach is an ideal playground for children and adults. In traditional sports activities, we can cite for example:

Beach volleyball is a variation of volleyball. It is a sport in which two teams compete against each other on either side of a net. The principle is to return a ball with the hands.

The racket is the traditional game of the beach. The principle is simple: you just need two small wooden rackets and a ball. The two players, racket in hand, exchange the ball as in tennis, but on the sand or in the water.

The pedal boat or pedal boat. It is a small boat made up of floats, seats to accommodate 2 to several people, and pedals. Users can cycle away from the edge of the beach. An electric version also exists, much less sporty. In the same spirit, we can also cite the canoe where the principle is not to move forward thanks to the strength of his legs … but of his arms, with oars.

Surfing is a sport that involves riding the waves on the surface of the water with a surfboard. The surfer reaches the wave lying on his board, they must get up to slide standing on the wave. In the same vein, we can also mention bodyboarding or windsurfing.

The stand-up paddle is relatively recent. Standing on a board that resembles a surfboard, the user moves on the waves using a long paddle.

The yachting. This is a more common activity on northern beaches because it requires long stretches of sand. The chariot is a vehicle with wheels, propelled by a sail that must be driven on the beach.

What are the sensational activities?

For thrill-seekers, more or less strong, there is no shortage of activities to do at the beach.

The Jet Ski, or watercraft, is a nautical motorized vehicle. It allows you to glide on the water, and in the waves, at more or less high speed.

Water skiing and wakeboarding are two similar water activities. The principle is to slide on the water with skis on for the first, and a board for the second. The user is in all cases towed by a motorboat thanks to a rope that he holds with his hands.

The flyboard and the aquatic hoverboard are two more recent activities. The user is standing on a board, propelled by water. This water comes from a hose, connected to the board on one side and connected to the turbine of a Jet Ski on the other. The principle is to stay above the water as long as possible.

Original beachside activities

There are many other activities to do on the beach or in the water, each more original than the next, such as beachside riding, towed buoy, nautical banana or flyfish, etc.

A trip to the beach with friends or family is the perfect opportunity to have fun and let off steam! Beach rackets, inflatable balls, kites,s or even beach volleyball, discover the best beach games of the summer.

Beach games for the little ones …

At the beach, children have only one idea in mind: to have fun! And it’s not always easy to keep them busy. For young and old alike, the inflatable ball remains fun and practical beach accessory to take in the beach bag. Passing through the water, swimming with the help of  lifeguard training, and jumping to catch the ball is always a good way to let off steam.

Another great classic of beach games for the little ones: the bucket, shovel, rake kit for making sandcastles. The opportunity to develop your creativity by inventing improbable constructions at the water’s edge.

And also for adults!

A beach trip is also an opportunity to exercise and play sports! For older children, beach snowshoes and frisbee are the summer essentials. By doing a few exchanges with your feet in the water or in the sand, you take the opportunity to tan while burning calories.

And for the solitary, there is always the kite. Of all sizes and shapes, more and more kites are fluttering against the blue sky. An original and fun beach activity for the little ones to discover.

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Beach sports with family or friends

Beach volleyball or football, beach sports are also popular this summer! To install your court quickly on the sand, beach volleyball nets and mobile goal cages exist. It is possible to find them from 30 € in the majority of sports stores.

Once everything is ready, it’s time to put together two teams to face you. May the best win!

Also discover our advice to protect yourself from the risks of the sun on the beach.

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