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What are 7cs of Communication?

The Capability to interact or communicate effectively in a company or organization is one of the outstanding qualities one should have. Hence, if you want to deliver a particular message, it is essential to know the requirements of the receiver or audience.

The 7cs of communication is a set of principles that can assist you in achieving your respective goals, as communication always plays an essential role in a company. After mastering 7cs of communication, it will be easier for you to understand clients, present a reliable & solving approach to them, etc.

So if you want to learn what are 7cs of communication are, you are at the right place.

Clear:  It is the soul part of the message. In simple words, a communicator should deliver an accurate statement to choose the right language. A communicator should use standard or straightforward language so that the audience can easily understand.

Correct: It is one of the essential 7cs of effective communication that you need to consider. If you deliver a message, you should review all the facts and figures for the accuracy of the message. It is also mandatory to check grammar, punctuation, misspelled words, and language level. 

Complete: A Complete message should bring the desired output. If you define it, a good message should contain all the essential information, such as the 5 W’s (what, who, when, why, and where). You also need to mention the additional information and answer all the specific queries raised by your audience or receiver.

Concrete: In simple words, you need to Deliver a concrete message that should be highly clear, and the audience can understand the message quickly. It will help your audience understand the exact purpose of the message. It is recommended to use accessible language, write sentences in active voice, and focus on those words or phrases which build a good image of the communicator. 

Concise: Conciseness represents the complete delivery of the message. It saves time and expense for both the presenter and receiver. To communicate concisely, you can include relevant information and avoid worried expressions. 

Coherent: It is essential to keep the information inflow to make it cohesive. Without it, the leader can lose interest instantly. 

Courtesy: A courteous message is written from the audience’s perspective, which is open without any hidden meaning. It helps in increasing the social currency and reflects enthusiasm towards the reader.  

Tips to Improve 7cs of communication

You cannot deny that communication is the soul of any firm or company. Whether communicating with others or delivering a message, giving a presentation or sharing new ideas with teammates, no matter how good you are at it, there has been a scope of improvement for everyone.

Ways to Enhance your 7cs of Effective Communication:

  1. Know your Audience: It is evident that you always use informal language when communicating in general. But if you are talking to your boss or manager, there is no scope for words like “Hello” or “Hey”. Different acronyms have different outputs, and a good communicator do consider the kind of audience they are talking to
  2. Do not assume: Assumptions are not always correct. Sometimes assumptions create misunderstanding in the audience or receiver’s mind and lead to different conflicts. That’s why it is always critical to know the message’s perspective and consider the receiver’s thoughts.
  3. Mention the Point: It is highly advised that you should keep the information short and simple because whenever there is too much not required data or information is shared, miscommunication happens and leads to another conflict.

7cs of Communication can get you a Job


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