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What Are essential sewing machine accessories 

Top 10 Sewing Machine Accessories – Sewing SPOT

A sewing machine is simply not enough. You require the necessary sewing equipment if you’re an experienced or a beginner need to create well-constructed products that require less effort and mistakes.

Making sure you have the appropriate accessories is the best method to achieve the desired results.

These are the top sewing tools you can consider purchasing regardless of your level of expertise or previous experience.

1. Magnetic Seam Guide

It is a sewing device accessory that aids users in achieving perfect seams. Making sure that one fabric matches one without making any mistakes or uneven stitches can be an issue without a seam guide.

Magnetic seam guides differ from a normal seam guide due to the fact that the magnets aid the guide stay in position. Contrary to other seam guides, this is a safer choice for sewing through massive amounts of fabric.

The magnetic seam guide gives sewers of all levels the convenience of working on diverse sewing projects. This sewing tool is affordable and offers invaluable help.

2. Sewing Machine Cover

Covers for sewing machines are definitely a great way of ensuring that your janome derby sewing machine is in top condition. The sewing machine may not be operating properly due to dust that got into the delicate components.

When your sewing machine is not in use, making sure that you get it covered is essential. Covers for sewing machines are an essential sewing machine item that is often neglected. It can, however, help safeguard it from dust as well as other debris.

A sewing machine with the case or cover is not going to cost you a limb. It’s even an accessory that could be stitched by yourself.

3. Sewing Machine Feet

This accessory for sewing machines is also known as the presser foot. It works as the fabric is held against its feed dog. It helps keep your fabric put while you stitch.

To move the fabric around, lift your presser foot. Every sewing machine has the basic machine foot, and you might think there’s no need to purchase an external machine foot.

Have you noticed that certain sewing techniques can be quite challenging? Well! You’re making use of the press foot specially designed for this purpose.

You’re doing yourself well with all the machine feet you need. Utilizing the recommended foot can produce a professional outcome. Also, you can read singer 3337 to find out how this model can be the best fit for you.

4. Cleaning and Maintenance Kit

If you are a maker or a sewist must frequently check and lubricate the various areas of your sewing

machine. Therefore maintenance and clean-up kit for your sewing machine is an essential included sewing equipment.

Sometimes, you’ll need to tighten loose screws or make other simple repairs to your machine yourself.

Cleaning tools that are included have tiny heads that fit the machine’s screws. Additionally, the kit must include oil for sewing machines which aids in lubricating the components of the sewing machine to ensure that they operate smoothly.

Make sure to mark your sewing machine’s maintenance on your schedule at a minimum once per year, based on the frequency you stitch.

5. Buttonholer

As the name implies, a buttonholer controls by itself the motions involved in sewing a buttonhole; side-to-side, forwards-and-backward. The adapter of a buttonholer replaces the foot of the presser by attaching it to the presser bar.

Instead of afoot for the presser, the button-holler uses an elastic clamp that has teeth that are underneath the machine. This assists in holding the material securely while adjusting the cloth in its various movements.

6. Sewing Machine Carrying Case

There’s no way to ensure that you do not be required to travel or move your sewing machine at some point. What will you do with your sewing machine from a carry case?

A bag for carrying your sewing machine or trolley will ensure the safety of your machine while in transit. Because sewing isn’t an activity that can be done in a fixed location, it is possible to transport your machine from the classroom to a client location or even to a sewing event.

It is distinct from dust covers. While a dust cover is helpful to shield against weather elements when stationary, a carry case is protected even moving.

7. Ruffle

It’s hard to stitch a pleated or ruffled skirt with a normal machine foot. It’s even more frustrating to attempt to pull the thread carefully, but it fails, and you need to begin again.

This is because you’re not wearing a ruffle. With a ruffler, you don’t have to sweat when you get the ruffled skirt, curtain, or pleated dress stitched. A ruffler can be described as a sewing machine accessory that allows you to create perfect pleats and stitches by keeping the fabric in the right position.

A ruffle is an essential be-have sewing accessory, especially for those who are involved in mass production. It will make your work speedier and simpler.


For hemming the edges of pants, skirts, or other straight fabrics, You must fight with the help of a thread and needle. Do you have to spend hours making sure you get your perfect seam? If so, it is not the case any longer. You can save yourself time and stress and purchase this device.

The hemmer will fold up the edge of the fabric to create an ideal hem. It might not be effortless to use the sewing device initially. Don’t worry! With a little practice, it won’t be time before you’re an expert and will be hemmed 100 times before you realize it.

9. Stabilizer

Imagine the challenges of working with slippery textiles like linen or silk. It can be a bit stressful and drain your energy. However, with a stabilizer, you can make the process easier and more productive.

Spray stabilizer works exactly like spray starch. It gives fabrics an extra layer of thickness, which makes them simple to work on. It can help make delicate fabrics stronger by spray stabilizer.

However, be sure to try it on a small part of the fabric prior to applying it to the entire fabric. When you’re done washing the stabilizers from the fabric, it will return to its slippery state. You can read brother se1900 reviews and find this model 

10. Edge Stitches

Have you ever wanted to be more imaginative with your fabric? Find yourself an edge stitcher to discover how creative you can be using stitches. This accessory for your machine is a tool with many uses which allows you to stitch topstitch around the edges or the edge of your material.

With this sewing tool, you will be able to create plenty of visual effects. Edge stitchers can also help to join laces and also attach bias tapes quickly. In addition, you don’t have to fret about joining two pieces together side by side.

To stitch two pieces of fabric using an edge stitcher, make a small allowance underneath to make a neat edge folded over each piece. Once the stitcher is set, and the needle is in place, ensure it is in the middle position.


With these items in your sewing kit, You’ll have the fun of sewing. The items were selected in the hope of helping you improve your sewing.

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