What are Roman Blinds? Types And Benefits

What are Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds are a type of window covering which is typically made from cloth and may be folded in a number of different ways. These blinds were first seen during Roman times and got their name because the Roman Empire has influenced much of Western culture including window covering styles. The Roman blind was developed by the Romans who manufactured them using white linen fabrics which blocked out light and allowed people to see outside through small openings. During Roman times, these curtains were known as persiennes or “from Persia”. Buy the best roman blinds from the best blinds suppliers in UAE Live Blinds.

5 Benefits Of Roman Blinds:

1. Style:

Roman blinds offer a variety of attractive styles and designs to best suit you’re home.

2. Widths:

These window coverings come in a wide range of widths and their versatility gives you the opportunity for an extensive color, material, and design selection at affordable prices.

3. Ease Of Use:

Roman blinds are easy to use and allow you to clean behind or under them without having to take them down.

4. Child Safety:

Because these blinds do not hang very low from the top of windows, they provide child safety features that help protect children from falls.

5. Energy Efficiency:

It offers excellent insulation properties due to the way they block out light while still letting fresh air into your room.

Highlights of our fabrics & materials:

Many fabrics and materials are available to suit your style. We offer a large line of 100% Sunproof Polyester fabrics that block out 98% of UV rays, allowing you to protect your furniture from fading while still enjoying the view outdoors. We also offer many blackout and light filtering materials in various styles and colors. Our shade fabrics work well for blocking heat, cold, and noise reduction.

Types Of Roman Blinds:

Roman blinds are available in a variety of styles and allow you to select the colors, textures, and designs that best suit your interior design needs. Roman-style come in several types which include:

Choosing The Right Fabric:

Fabrics are important factors that determine how light or dark your home will be with Roman blinds allowing you the opportunity of being able to control brightness levels throughout your house. A darker fabric means more privacy while lighter fabrics let in extra light yet still filter out some glare. If you live near the beach or have saltwater air, look for sunproof fabrics which provide excellent insulation properties without fading.

Decorative Tapes:

Our Decorative tapes are an exciting new product that can transform your window treatment look in minutes with no sewing. The best part is they are removable and repositionable allowing you to change your look easily without leaving any marks or residue on your blinds.


With so many styles and colors to choose from, roman blinds offer versatility for your window covering needs. They provide excellent insulation properties that help you save on energy bills as well as control of natural light. It also comes with a variety of child safety features that best protect children from falls. These high-quality fabrics are versatile options for those who want to use their product year-round.

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