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What are SELT and UKVI tests?


Well, if I talk about the SELT and UKVI tests, then it means the SELT is Secure English language test. It is a term which is being used by UK visas and Immigration (UKVI) as so describe the English tests which all the UK as a country would accept as evidence to see your English level for the visa application.

Now, I guess that I may have cleared your doubt about SELT and UKVI tests. As I said, don’t get confused between both of these terms because the SELTS exam is the exam to test your English skills and to test how much chord you have over the English language so this is why this test is being taken and this test is being taken in the country of UK for the visa applications that is why it is being called as UKVI.


So, don’t get confused between SELT and UKVI test. Although they both are not the same as I already told you above. SELT is the English test while UKVI means the visa and the immigration for the UK.

See, if I talk about the SELT test then it is being used by any of the universities is because in most of the universities in the UK the IELTS UKVI is being used.

Reason Behind IELTS UKVI Test

The reason behind this is because the IELTS exam is the most common exam for English proficiency that is most probably being taken as an important document by all the universities so that they can see the band score of that particular student to give admission to that student.

But you will be happy to know about this fact that this depends upon you that which university you choose for studying. If you choose a university for studying that takes the IELTS UKVI for admission, then you need to provide them with the IELTS Pant score.

University for SLET

And, if you are applying to any of the university which requires the SELT test for the admission part, then you have to give the SELT test and you have to show the SELT test score which will tell your English proficiency to that particular university for which you have applied for the admission.

Also, you would need to give the SELT exam if you are applying for studying in the UK so you would have to give that exam. Hence, the exam is being needed.

Tips to Prepare IELTS Exam

Now, I can give you some tips on how you are preposterous for the exam?

Some, the tips are: –

  • The best thing about this test is that you can avail all the practice materials which is being available online too from the website of the British Council so I guess you have a benefit too if you are up for giving the exam.
  • The test is the same as IELTS. But in this test too, you have to focus on all the four sections that are reading, listening, writing, and speaking.
  • You should try to speak in English with your family members to improve your proficiency in English. You should watch English movies and listen to English songs and write some good essays too.
  • This will all help to improve your English part.


Well, got any uncertainty then you can communicate with overseas education consultants as overseas education consultants can advise you on that.

Maybe you can go for IELTS coaching classes in Hyderabad too if you want to study in a good institution that provides the best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad.

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