What are the benefits of Maritime Approval?

The Martime Approval is a business license under the In-flight Maritime Connectivity rules that DOT introduced in 2018. Being a new guideline, information about it is still scarce. However, this article articulates the benefits of obtaining maritime approval in India.

The internet has made people dependent on it. So much that even during flights, where the use of the internet was once expressly forbidden, people still found a way to use them.

However, time dictated that the internet would be the foundation of India’s economy. Therefore, to ensure that no one is without internet, whether in planes or on ships, the government of India introduced IFMC rules in 2018.

Now that many aircraft and ships have integrated wireless connectivity in their systems, many service providers have started to notice its benefits.

Let’s illuminate some of them.

Maritime Approval Benefits

Following are the benefits one can enjoy upon obtaining the Maritime type approval:

Facilitating internet services to more customers

If you are running an aircraft or a shipping company, you need your customers to be happy. Now that we live in the era of “work from anywhere”, not having internet connectivity on your air or sea vehicles is a deal-breaker. With maritime approval, you can contact the internet service providers who can help you establish internet on your crafts.

Access to more customers

As you provide efficient internet services to travellers from far and wide, more customers start to gravitate towards your business. Eventually, you would turn prospects into customers by advertising your internet facilities. Additionally, having internet access onboard is a nifty marketing strategy that you can use to establish your business as a modern service provider.

Facilitating work from anywhere

“Work from Anywhere” is a new-age concept borne out of the pandemic. As more and more people huddled inside their homes to work for their companies, the companies decided to level up their technologies.Read More: SACFA Approval

They eventually created a paradigm where an employee can work from everywhere. However, the core of this paradigm relies on having internet connectivity all the time – something only possible with maritime approval.

Establishing a firm that can last for a long time

Establishing a business to last for a long time is a tricky endeavour. You have to understand where the wave of business is blowing and adapt accordingly.

People not only require the services you advertise, but they also seek basic facilities. And the internet is a basic amenity. If you don’t provide this facility, you won’t be the first choice of your customers.

With time, your customers will gravitate towards other and better options. Soon, you will start to notice the number of customers reduce – signalling the end of your business. So, if you want to last as a company for a long time, you better deliver good internet services. Read More: Corporate Agent License


Maritime Guidelines expressly state that they exist to cater to the increasing demand of the internet. Thus, you can glean from those guidelines the benefits you can enjoy once you obtain the maritime license. Internet services will soon become the foundation of every business enterprise. So, to stay ahead of the curve, rise above and obtain this approval.

Why obtain maritime approval in India? There are many benefits of obtaining this license. Read to know the benefits of maritime approval in India.

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