What are the steps in BOC-3 Filling?

What is a BOC-3?

Formula BOC-3 filing (Designation of Agents for Service of Process) gives motor brokers, freight forwarders a legal entity in every state in which they conduct business.

In BOC-3 filing, which is an umbrella of coverage, a company chooses the process agents who represent them in each state where their trucks transport freight. The process agent designated will accept court documents from the state for the trucking company in case there should ever be any legal issue.

Let’s take an example. Kevin’s Trucking is a company that is based in Kansas. A truck of the company gets at fault in an incident while transporting products in Oklahoma. Another driver who was involved in the accident decides to file a lawsuit. The BOC-3 form used by Kevin’s Trucking authorizes a process agent in Oklahoma to physically accept legal documents related to the lawsuit.

Filing a BOC-3

The FMCSA demands that a processing agent submits the BOC-3 form on behalf of the motor transporter. Brokers and freight forwarders who don’t operate their own motor vehicles commercially owned are able to file the BOC-3 by themselves.

The cost for filing an initial BOC-3 is typically between $20 and $40.

The company must also keep an original copy of the BOC-3 in their main office. Any modifications in the designated agency will be subject to filing of a fresh BOC-3 with the FMCSA and the associated states.

Designating a Process Agent

Motor carriers must appoint the process agent for every state in which they operate, which includes states that they transit through. Freight forwarders and brokers must appoint one process agent for each state where they maintain an office, and where they sign contracts.

Process agents who provide nationwide coverage are often known as blanket companies. Many trucking firms choose to use blanket companies in order to reduce time and the need to search for an individual agent for every state.

Every person or business who is assigned to the state of a particular one must be based within that state. A broker, carrier or freight forwarder could identify themselves as belonging to the state where they reside. It is vital to know that the post office box is not suitable as an agent’s address.

After an request for motor carrier registration and U.S. DOT numbers is made public by the FMCSA and the contact details of the company become publicly available. They are likely to receive many calls from businesses claiming they are experts in BOC-3s and other permits. It is essential to ensure certain that the company or person that is acting in the capacity of a process agent actually licensed to submit BOC-3 forms, and offer coverage to each state that requires. To ease the burden First, look up to see if they are on the FMCSA list of process agents registered.

FMCSA require BOC-3

Do you realize that all accounts with MC/FF/MX that are submitted to the FMCSA require BOC-3?

We submit the BOC-3 form every day for a variety of brokers and carriers through the FMCSA and are among the longest-running BOC-3 firms within the US! We’ve filed more than 100,000 forms over the past 29 years!

The most frequently asked query I get I get… What exactly is a BOC-3 ?

The BOC-3 is a listing of agents, each of whom has accepted to act as the State’s representative on behalf of you.


When you have received your MC number, you can request the form on the main site.

All files received during office hours (9am to 4:30 pm Monday through the Friday Mountain Time] are usually filed within an hour.

Electronically filed the BOC-3

After we have electronically filed the BOC-3 with FMCSA it is displayed on their system right away. We then prepare a BOC-3 with your details and send you a PDF copy to keep for your documents.

If your authority is active , so does your BOC-3. We don’t charge annual fees because the FMCSA does not oblige us to submit this form each year.

Beware of other businesses that require annual fees!

There are however certain circumstances where you must purchase a BOC-3 from a different vendor and have us re-file the form.


  • Name Change
  • Reinstatement
  • Transfer of Authority

In these instances, you will need to file a new BOC is required in order to activate or reactivate your authority. It’s the same, $39.


We charge $39 – and don’t charge annual fees Check out our conditions of service if you’re provided.


Absolutely! If you realize that you’ve been paying an annual fee, you can order an updated BOC-3 on our website. Click here to change your subscription now.


It’s an acronym of course! The government agencies have a distinct language of their own, with a variety of acronyms. It’s a simple word that means “Bureau of Compliance Form #3.” “.

Please let me know if we could assist you in this procedure. This is the easiest file you’ll ever create in the life of your business! I promise!

A Guide to Your First Year in Trucking

There’s a lot of work involved in managing a trucking business.

We’ve put together a collection of videos that clarify some of the rules and key topics to be aware of in the first year following the start of your trucking business. Download the white paper that is free to download below.

Find out more about the current rules for your FMCSA records, the Unified Carrier Registration, tax and business documents.

Read the Transcript

Today we’re speaking with Reghan Orman about Alcohol & Drug Testing Programs. Reghan is the Associate General Counsel for Apex Capital and she also manages an Apex Startup Program.

Once I’ve been granted operating authority for a long time Can I anticipate seeing safety audits in the future?

The trucking sector is one of the industries that is mostly controlled in the United States. Your D-O.T number will aid you in determining the date you have to complete your Biennial update for the month of the year. All you need to do is check the last two digits.

The final digit will reveal the month.

The second last digit will indicate the year you have to file.

Annual Service of Process Agent Designation (BOC-3)

This is known as a blanket filing form. generally, motor carriers file their BOC-3 through an outside company. If the third-party company could assist in the renewal process every year.

Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)

You must check your drivers by your policy on alcohol and drugs at five distinct points in the time. Fifth you’ll need to conduct random tests on your drivers.

International Registration Plan (IRP)

This is an annual form that has to be completed.


The period is generally quarterly so that the tax must be submitted every three months and the tax is filed through the state’s agency responsible for processing fuel taxes.

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