A starter kit for vaping is a box that includes everything you need to start vaping, minus the e-liquid. Vape kits are a hassle-free method to purchase a ready-to-use gadget for anyone seeking to quit smoking.

You want to quit smoking and start vaping, but you’re not sure where to begin. We’ve all been there, so no need to worry. Due to all the unfamiliar jargon and ideas that novices must first understand, choosing the correct equipment might first be difficult and scary.

To help you understand the differences between disposable vapes, vape pens, pod kits, mods, and sub-ohm kits, we’ve put up this beginners’ guide to vape kits. We’ll also discuss which battery, tank, and coils you’ll require and offer advice on the ideal e-liquid concentration for quitting smoking.

What Comes with a Vape Kit?

Battery, Tank or Pod, Drip Tip, Coils.


Understanding the many parts that make up an e-cigarette vape kit is the best place to start. Here, we’ll examine what new vapers might anticipate finding inside the package.

This component of an e-cigarette is known by a variety of names, including battery, mod, and others. Basically, this is the device’s electronic component. Although they exist in a wide variety of sizes and designs, this is always the portion that houses the battery, which may be built into or detachable depending on the device.

These modifications will often have a fire button, a display screen, and an on/off button. The wattage may often be changed with several tweaks.

Tank or Pod

Where the e-liquid goes is into tanks. Vape tanks are often composed of plastic or glass and connect to the battery or mod. They also include the coil that evaporates the e-liquid. Whereas tanks and pods operate on a same basis, tanks screw into a mod while pods often attach to the battery via a magnet or a clip.

Because of its portability and ergonomic design, pods have become more and more popular in recent years.

Drip Tip

You breathe in the vapor through the mouthpiece, often known as the drip tip. Depending on the design of the gadget, this may be either fixed or detachable. Drip tips are available in a variety of forms and materials, including plastic, metal, ceramic, etc., and are better suited for specific styles of vaping.


A broad variety of vape coils may be included in starter vape kits. The e-liquid in the tank is absorbed by the coils, which are constructed of wicking material (often cotton) and wire. When heated, the e-liquid transforms into vapor. They are one of the most crucial components of a vaping setup since they determine flavor, taste, and vaping style. Two major categories may be used to divide coils.

High Resistance Coil

A high-resistance coil is anything 1-ohm or above. These coils are utilized with weaker equipment or conditions.

Low Resistance Coil

Sub-ohm coils are coils with resistance less than one ohm. These are appropriate for a more potent gadget.

The Various Vape Kit Equipment

Smokers will encounter a variety of gadgets as they start their adventure into the world of vaping. A starting kit is a fantastic way to start your vaping experience because all the components are made to work together.

Let’s examine the four sorts of vapes that are now available.

Disposable Vapes

Disposable pens have a charged battery and are already prefilled with e-liquid. Thanks to advancements in vaporizer technology, these pens have gone a long way over the years. These vapes are a terrific way to start vaping or a practical substitute for taking your device with you on a night out since nicotine salts allow even low-power devices to deliver a strong nicotine dose.

Vape Pens

Once more, nick salts have transformed these slim, portable electronics. Whereas a battery of this capacity would have previously struggled to deliver a pleasant impact, modern advancements have completely changed the vaping experience. A modern vape pen is simple and simple to use, and due to its greatly enhanced battery life and performance, it is perfect for beginning vapers.

Pod Vapes

For beginner vapers, a pod kit is a portable and user-friendly choice. They have gained popularity recently due to their increased performance, much like pens. Pods provide consumers with a good vaping experience at reasonable pricing. They are stylish, elegant, and lightweight. Instead of a tank, these vapes employ leak-proof, interchangeable pods.

Box Mods / Sub-Ohm Vapes

Box mods and Sub-ohm vape mods are popular among expert vapers. They are quite adaptable and may be customized for various vaping techniques. These mods, which are bigger, stronger, and more durable, may be utilized to achieve a wide range of flavors, enormous clouds, and various vaping techniques. A larger battery capacity also allows for the use of various coils and tanks.

How Do I Pick a Starter Kit for Vaping?

You must take into account a number of various criteria while selecting the best vape starter kit.

  1. What dosage of nicotine you want to take
  2. PG/VG proportion
  3. your preferred vaping technique.

You can choose the ideal vaping device for you if you are aware of the answers to these questions.

Nicotine Strength

Different nicotine doses are available in e-liquids. This represents the overall proportion of nicotine per bottle and is expressed in mg. These percentages typically range from 0.3% to 2.0%.

Nicotine Concentration Guide

The best nicotine strength to choose if you’re switching to vaping will depend on what kind of smoker you are.

20+ day: Consider using nicotine salts at a 20mg dosage.

15 to 20 daily: 10 mg

daily: 5-10 mg

1–5 daily smokers or social smokers: 5 mg or flavor-only e-juice without nicotine.

As I said, they are only general guidelines, and you might need to do a little experimentation. You can begin to feel a bit queasy if you vape at a high dose. You’ll realize you need to slow down or cycle to a lesser nicotine dose, but it will pass. For the same reason, if you keep vaping but are never satisfied, try a greater concentration.

Which E-liquids are Best for the Different Devices?

  1. It’s important to consider the various e-cig juices available to assist you choose which e-liquid is ideal for your device.
  2. Although nicotine is included in the majority of e-liquids, several manufacturers also provide nicotine-free choices. This is due to two factors.
  3. Some folks desire e-cigarettes but do not desire to use nicotine.
  4. Some people choose to add their own nicotine separately in order to change the nicotine concentration.

What is in an E-Liquid?

E-liquid is composed of four fundamental parts.

  1. Water
  2. Nicotine
  3. Flavors of e-liquid

A much thicker liquid that works better for producing dense clouds of vapor is vegetable glycerin (VG). It originates from vegetable oil.

A thin, flavorless liquid called propylene glycol (PG) has a satisfying throat punch.

Both of these non-toxic, safe mixing agents are often used in culinary and medicinal goods such as soap, soda, cake mix, and toothpaste.

Which E-Liquid Blend is Best?

Vape juice is appropriate for a variety of device setups due to its mix or PG to VG ratio.

Classic: These mixtures normally contain 80:20 or 70:30 propylene glycol but may contain as much as 100%. These juices produce little vapor but have a lot of flavor and throat impact.

The most common sort of agreement is a 50/50 split between the two agents. These mixtures create more vapor than traditional PG e-liquids, but at the expense of a minor reduction in flavor and throat hit. It should be noted that they are smoother than conventional PG e-liquids.

Max VG: Because the thick e-liquid works well with powerful mods, they are perfect for sub-ohm devices. Any e-liquid with 50% or more is thought to be compatible with these gadgets. Large clouds are produced by sub-ohm vaping, which is incredibly smooth.

The majority of nicotine salts include PG/VG mixes that are 50:50, making them ideal for use in pens or pods.

What Are The Best Vape Starter Kits?

The easiest vape kit to operate is typically the best one for beginners. Although vape mods and sub-ohm gadgets are great, any beginners’

a manual worth its salt should emphasize usability. Vape pens are a cheap way to see what the market has to offer, but for something a bit more substantial, there is a great selection of pod vape kits available.

As was already said, nic salts have made possible vaping options for pods that were not before possible. For a quality vaping experience, high-wattage devices are no longer required, and there is a fantastic generation of streamlined, user-friendly e-cigarettes on the market.

Sub-ohm vaping is less suited to newcomers or smokers who want to quit. While you might decide to experiment with this at some point in your vaping adventure, for the greatest results, a pen or a pod’s simplicity is advised.

This guide to vaping kits is geared at individuals who are just starting out, so here are some tips that could help you have a better e-cigarette experience. Choosing the right wattage for your vape mod is a personal decision.

First of all, many vape pens or disposable vapes lack a wattage setting that may be adjusted. These e-cigarettes are made to be very easy to use, and they are pre-set at a nice general range of 7 to 15 watts.

However, a lot of vapers like to have greater control over their wattage setting, thus they choose for stronger, wattage-adjustable vape pods. The power used by an e-cigarette to heat the coil is measured in watts.

You may change the temperature at which your coil burns your e-liquid by turning this up or down. The flavor, vapor, and throat hit of the vape are impacted by this. While lighter, fruitier e-liquid flavors do best at lower temperatures, other flavors—such as chocolate, tobacco, and coffee—perform better when heated. Of course, this is only a suggestion, and your tastes may differ.

What is the Best Vape Style for Newer Vapers?

What is Mouth to Lung (MTL)?

Vaping through the mouth is comparable to smoking cigarettes made of tobacco. You inhale the vapors after drawing it into your mouth. This is the simplest method to begin vaping..

What is Direct to Lung (DTL)?

Direct to lung vaping is comparable to regular breathing in that the entire inhalation process occurs at once. If you’re used to smoking tobacco cigarettes, this can seem foreign or unnatural to you.

Which Vape Kits Are Best for Beginners?

With all of the aforementioned information in mind, our beginner’s guide to vape kits is almost done. Here are some factors to keep in mind when you select your e-cigarette.

Vape Pen or Pod Vape

  • Higher nicotine concentrations like nick salts
  • Mouth to lung (MTL) vaping
  • Better throat hit
  • Stronger flavor

Box Mod Or Sub-Ohm

  • To produce bigger clouds and more vapor
  • Direct to lung (DTL) vaping
  • A smoother, more gentle throat hit
  • More control and customize options, including coil choice.

Final Thoughts Regarding Beginners Guide To Vaping Kits

Vape kits are an excellent place to start if you’re attempting to quit smoking cigarettes. If you want to make the transition to vaping as smooth as possible, pick a straightforward vape that works with nic salts e-liquid because the world of vaping can be a bit complex at first. This will most nearly resemble the sensation of smoking cigarettes, increasing your likelihood of quitting forever.

A vape pen or pod are lightweight, portable and easy to use e-cigarettes, and when combined with nick salts, they’re an excellent choice for smokers who want to make the switch to a healthier, better solution.

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