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What do you consider in backpacking backpacks?

Whether you’re occurring a brief in a single day experience or a months-lengthy thru-hike, locating the good backpacking backpack is fundamental to success. It now no longer simplest wishes to maintain the vital gear, however, it ought to be additional snug sufficient which you don’t spend the day fidgeting or considering your pack.

Best Backpacking Backpacks

The maximum essential piece of equipment you want to move backpacking is—you guessed it—a backpack. Luckily, we supply an entire bunch of appropriate ones at REI. But that’s proper for you?

Well, that depends. The first factor you’ll need to nail down is how lengthy you assume to be out. From there, you could decide the true potential in your needs. Then it’s approximately selecting and selecting the proper capabilities for you and locating the appropriate fit.

Tips to Buy the Best Backpacking Backpack


A backpack doesn’t need to be complicated to be exceptional. It’s frequently the groups that maintain layout factors easy and streamlined that make the pleasant lightweight packs. At the top of the day, your backpack is only a sack to hold different tools comfortably. So don’t sense the want to overdo it with a ton of extra compartments, pouches, zippers, clips, and straps.

Water Bottle Pocket

Hydration is the key to outdoor hiking, so your water bottles usually need to be clean to access. So it’s surprising to us while we look at packs that won’t permit us to seize a water bottle even as hiking. That’s simply now no longer acceptable.

Shoulder Strap

Shoulder straps will maintain a sizeable quantity of your % weight as properly. You’ll need them to have snug padding and be properly spaced to keep away from chafing and abnormal stress points. Every % in this listing has snug shoulder straps.


Most lightweight backpacks are crafted from certainly considered one among substances: Ripstop Nylon or Dyneme Composite Fabric (previously cuben fiber). In general, DCF is lighter and greater water-resistant, however additionally greater expensive. Both substances are long lasting and extraordinarily purposeful for backpacks.

Hip Belt

A proper hip belt is an essential characteristic of any backcountry percent. Your hip belt will keep the maximum of the burden of your percent for your hips, which continues your shoulders from tiring. Hip belts must be comfy and switch weight without slipping. Every percent in this listing has a stable hip belt.


In general, it’s now no longer an amazing concept to completely depend upon any backpack for waterproofing. Even seam-sealed packs crafted from waterproof substances will increase small leaks over time, so we constantly propose shielding essential items (snoozing bag, clothes, electronics, etc.) in waterproof stuff sacks or plastic baggage inner your pack.

Hip Belt Pocket

With a lightweight pack, you won’t want to take breaks almost as often, so you’ll need to have sure gadgets effortlessly accessible, like snacks, sunscreen, lip balm, camera, etc. Most of the packs we advocate have integrated hip belt wallets; however, if they don’t come standard, we advocate shopping for the aftermarket hip belt wallet that matches your pack.

Lifter Straps

Load lifter straps may be used to drag the tops of your shoulder straps closer to the backpack. This will take a number of the downward strain off your shoulder straps and switch it to the front of your shoulders and chest. Unfortunately, many lightweight backpacks don’t have load lifter straps nowadays, and they’re now no longer sincerely important if you’re wearing a mild load.


Back panel and hip belt airflow are a biggie for some, mainly in case you generally tend to run heat or plan on trekking within the summer’s warmth. But locating an inner framed percent that breathes nicely may be a challenge, basically due to the fact the factor of a percent is to hug and conform in your frame, transferring with you as you walk. Most packs have offsetting foam and mesh panels that do a passible process encouraging airflow, however you’ll probably nevertheless get sweat artwork for your lower back that strains in which the froth panels touch your frame. Alternatively, designs together with Osprey’s Anti-Gravity (visible at the Atmos) or Gregory’s Free Float function a suspended mesh back panel and hip belt that cradle the frame even as nevertheless taking into consideration outstanding airflow. For the maximum element, we like this layout and propose it for people who need to prioritize airflow, however it does reduce a piece into the primary compartment’s capability and won’t preserve as much as mainly heavy loads.

Pack Weight

Contemporary backpacking packs are designed to be lightweight and able to sporting heavy masses. As a result, most packages include an advocated variety of weight they could hold. Pack functions that make contributions to weight ability encompass the frame, suspension system, and padding.

When those functions turn out to be greater robust, most load ability increases. For this reason, bulkier packs tend to be high-quality for sporting the heaviest of masses. Still, many present-day alternatives stand out as surprising haulers despite their baseline weight being fantastically low.

Some producers offer load scores for their packs. It is a great concept to estimate the full weight of the masses you propose to hold earlier than shopping a package.

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