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What is a good website?

A good website is one that achieves both the goals of the website owner and the goals of the users of the site.  The goal of an e-commerce website is for users to put items in their shopping cart and complete their purchases. The goal of a construction company’s website is to get someone to call, email, or message you about a project estimate. And the goal of a car dealership site is to get someone to call, email, or text about purchasing a car or truck.

In order to achieve the site owner’s goal, the site needs to have clear navigation and purpose. Relevant and original content, good reliability/security features, Responsive/fast web site loading speed, and a modern design. In this article, we will discuss what a good website is and what it takes for users to have a good user experience. Visit also: Website Designing Lahore

Website Structure

A tried-and-true menu structure, such as placing the logo on the top left and the menu on the left or center of the page, is usually the best option as it does not confuse the user. The menu should usually have a “Home” section on the left side of the page. As a matter of course, it is important to have a uniform menu structure for all pages and all devices. Also, too many levels of links are not desirable. In order to achieve the site owner’s goal, the menu should be structured in a way that provides information to the user and leads them to the desired destination.

Importance of valuable content

Many site owners put a big “buy” button on their home page and hope that all visitors will make a purchase, but it is best for both the user and the site owner to provide valuable content that allows the user to make an informed decision. By creating unique, valuable, and interesting content that is shared by users, a web site becomes a valuable asset that constantly attracts new customers, and that is what makes a good website.

Is the website secure?

Good reliability/security features are also a prerequisite for a good site. As users want to know that their credit card and other personal information is safe and protected. The use of HTTPS is essential for e-commerce businesses to secure online purchases. It is also important to have a clear privacy policy that clearly states how user data will be used. And some platforms will not allow ad purchases without this statement.

Website responsiveness

The next important aspect of a good website is that the site should be responsive. Responsive web design is a technique to display a website beautifully on different devices and screen sizes. Some entrepreneurs who try to build their own website or order an inexpensive one end up with a website. That does not work well on different devices. Another problem is the fast loading time of the website. For some companies, websites load in seconds, and on mobile devices, it can take even longer. A modern site should not take more than a few seconds to appear. Unless it functions as a complex piece of software.

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