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What is an ottoman beds?

Most small apartments do not allow you to place exactly the furniture you want. We have to dodge and consider the various options for a set of furniture, so that it is not only cozy and comfortable, but there is also free space. An ottoman beds with a lifting mechanism is a boon for small spaces, especially if the room is reserved for the bedroom. The product is a functional, comfortable and compact piece of furniture. In it you can sleep and at the same time store various things.

The furniture industry is one of the main tasks of creating maximum human comfort during the rest period. Modern furniture is of different functionality and comfort. Ottoman Beds is another type of furniture, there are two properties. Small Household appliances and different things like children’s toys and boxes of shoes can store in this design. A special Mechanism of a sleeping place is capable.. And it is very convenient.

Main Advantages for this furniture

Large storage compartment;
Compact size;
Availability in operation and care.
In addition, the design of the furniture will not allow dust to pass under the base, which reduces the cleaning time of the room. The smooth and smooth surface of the ottoman is a comfortable place to sleep. Among the upholstered furniture, which manufacturers represent in large numbers, the ottoman bed perfectly fits into any interior design of an apartment or house. The Furniture with special orthopedic mattress gives a comfortable and healthy sleep.

Ottoman bed – the perfect solution for apartments with small rooms. By buying it, the apartment owner saves space and makes the room more comfortable. The most common problem in small facilities is insufficient space to store sleepwear (pillows, bulk winter blankets). The problem automatically solve by buy ottoman beds.
When choosing a bed-ottoman with a lifting mechanism, the buyer pays attention not only to the shape, dimensions of the product and upholstery material, but also to the lifting mechanisms. Quality lifting devices work longer, which has a positive effect on the life of the furniture. The modern mechanisms

This Type of Beds make in following Furniture Industry

Manual – simple option, in which the raising of the ottoman is carried out manually. The mechanism design is completely devoid of springs and shock absorbers, which helps to lift the product quickly and easily. But due to its absence, the cost of production is relatively small, which attracts most buyers. The base of the product is connected to the mattress frame with the usual loops. The mount is strong and reliable. However, it will be quite difficult for a person to open the product, outside help will be needed;
Spring systems: They are equipped with shock absorbers that greatly simplify the process of raising the bed. Unlike the manual method, the spring mechanism is more complicated and is considered successful and reliable in its operation. However, some efforts have yet to be applied.

Twisted springs are installed as shock absorbers. The disadvantage of the mechanism is its property to stretch, over time they stop working with full force. The springs require regular replacement and cannot support the

Heavy weight

Gas shock absorbers are the most modern and complex mechanism, but with their help you can lift the stretcher without much effort, along with a heavy mattress. The gas mechanism is the most expensive of all, but also the most durable. Its work is based on the energy of compressed air, the action of which gives the device a smooth running. The main disadvantage of this model is its high price.
When choosing an ottoman bed with a lifting mechanism, you should pay attention to the presence of fixation in the upper position. This addition allows you to freely place things in the compartment, without fear of the design falling out.

Mainly Installed Hinges in small products. What does it mean to buy an ottoman bed with lifting devices? There are some advantages:

The ability to quickly place the sofa bed for guests, since the bedding is hidden in the compartment under the mattress
Convenience in cleaning
Easy to operate


In our country, the majority of the population lives in small apartments. And in this limited space, you need to be able to fit everything you need for life. An ottoman bed with a lifting mechanism includes several functions at once: convenience, compactness, comfort and aesthetics.

Today, various types of furniture are produced, differing from each other in a number of parameters:

Amplitude of the inner box

The Ottoman is made by using this types of materials
View of the lifting mechanism.
The material chosen for the base of a furniture product affects its cost and also affects the service life. For the production of beds, ottomans usually carry:

Natural skin
Artificial leather.
Natural wood.
Wooden boards.
Of course, the production of natural material at a cost significantly higher than artificial, but the sensations of acquiring and owning such furniture will be the best. According to the type of lifting mechanisms and the design of the ottoman bed is divided into:

Unique model: this piece of furniture is bought for the rest of one person. It is installed in small children’s rooms. In a small room an angle divan with a lifting mechanism can be located. The living room can also be equipped with a 90×200 sofa, equipped with a lifting mechanism, at the same time it is an ottoman and a bed. Individual products are equipped with springs or gas lifting devices with fixation in the upper position;
One and a half (double beds) and double beds – the size of such samples with a lifting mechanism varies the width of the bed and is 120×200 or 160×200, respectively.


Given the width of the product, the lifting device is mounted on the long side of the furniture. In double beds, use mattresses that are sometimes too heavy for one person to lift. In this case, a gas lift is used for the bed, which allows with little effort to lift a part of the furniture structure;
An ottoman bed with a 140×200 lifting mechanism is often found in upholstered furniture stores at a small discount. This bed is too small for two adults and there is plenty of room for one person so it is rarely used to save room space. Although, some models have a very nice design;
Other samples: Some furniture may not require constant transformation and is used only for specific purposes, for example, to rest in a sitting position.

For this, in the production of furniture short products are manufactured with a department equipped for everything. The furniture can be made with an elegant curved backrest or equipped with a seat with chrome legs. The lifting device for such models is usually manual.
Non-standard-size products: As a rule, standard-size furniture is displayed in furniture salons, an ottoman bed of irregular shape and size is made according to the customer’s individual order. The cost of such a product is significantly higher than that of a regular bed.


For a small room, the shortened corner sofa is perfect, with a built-in lifting element. This type of sofa is placed in the corner of the living room or children’s room, freeing up space within the room. The corner of the ottoman is very convenient, it can be folded, and the central part of the room becomes a playground and recreation area for children. Sleeping accessories are hidden in the laundry room drawers.

A bed with the presence of compartments solves the storage problem. The frame of these models is made of dense wood. Due to its ecological properties, linen, stored in sections, does not wet and does not acquire a musty smell. Furniture upholstery with lifting devices is a dense material. The durability and appearance of the product depend on its quality.

When choosing guided by the following criteria:

The seams on the upholstery should be smooth and clean, without gaps;
Cleaning the material from dust and dirt should be easy;
The fabric should not stretch too much;
The upholstery must be resistant to sunlight.
By design, the beds are completely different. Can be:

Products with figurative bases, with and without backing;
The product with side walls, built-in shelves and niches;
Furniture, in the event that additional large compartments are provided for storing things.
Any piece of furniture requires constant care and attention. Wash the optional soft upholstery, just vacuum it up. If stains appear on it, they can be removed with a special cleaning agent.

An ottoman bed is a versatile piece of furniture that can be installed anywhere: in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the living room. It is functionally combined with the interior of the apartment and can be quickly transformed from a family rest area to a place to sleep.
Before, in the apartment, everyone had an ottoman, which was considered the main furniture. However, today it has been replaced by comfortable and beautiful beds that perform many more functions.

This piece of furniture has significant differences that you should be aware of. That’s why cheap beds look nothing like the familiar ottoman.

Ottoman – a piece of furniture that looks like a low sofa. It is wide enough, and it usually has no back.

The bed has two backs and a removable mattress. This piece of furniture is designed for complete rest, so it is usually placed in the bedroom.

The ottoman can even stand in the living room, becoming a comfortable seat. This piece of furniture has a special folding mechanism that allows you to turn it into a bed.

An ottoman is considered a functional piece of furniture that can be used both for a good night’s sleep and for sitting. It can be simple or double.

The first option will cost you less because you don’t have to buy a mattress. In addition, in such an ottoman there is no complicated mechanism, which also affects the final cost of the product.

You have learned the difference between these pieces of furniture, but it is worth analyzing these points in more detail.

So, here are the main points:

the ottoman may not have a back, but in the design of the bed this element is necessarily present;
you can only sleep on the bed, and the ottoman plays the role of a seat, so it is often placed in the living room;
the design of the ottoman provides a drawer where you can store bedding and other small things;

the folding mechanism makes it possible to turn an ottoman into a spacious bed that will allow you to fully relax;
the bed involves the purchase of a mattress, which is not so cheap. Ottoman – a mattress mounted on the legs, giving you an opportunity to save money.
in our country it is almost impossible to see an ottoman, because this piece of furniture is common in Asia.
If you think about what is better to buy, try to trust your own tastes and preferences.

Decide what functions the furniture should perform so as not to pay extra money for those you do not need.

These are the main points that refer to the differences between an ottoman and a bed. If you can make the right decision, you will have a comfortable rest.

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