What is Copper Bonded Earth Rod?

Terowell, Copper Earthing Rod is the largest and largest manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Earth Bonded Copper. Its Accessories, offering all types of Rods and Accessories to meet the needs of all users. The included copper ground rod is a product designed to handle fault currents and prevent damage from dangerous currents. Copper bond rods are manufactured to internationally recognized micron standards. We are a leading manufacturer of copper coated steel ground bars with an excellent production capacity of 1000 yards (Micron Std) per day, which allows us to meet the shortest lead times possible.

The copper layer is connected to the steel core by an electrolytic process that ensures a perfect tight bond between the steel and the copper, and the ground piles are completely covered with copper without cracks, holes, cavities, etc. And stop him from entering. Contact with the steel core. Soil and moisture.

Therefore, it has a strong anti-corrosion ability and has the ability to in-depth effect.

  • Copper rods are widely used for ground electrodes.
  • Amiable has state-of-the-art technology for manufacturing ground rods with copper bonds larger than 250 microns.
  • Another NABL certified lab testing the UL list ground bar. For copper-bonded ground bars, the threads of the bar are formed from the outside.
  • The top and bottom are screwed into the copper band universe bar using a cold rolling process.
  • This process is done by creating waves above and below the rod.
  • This process is accepted all over the world because it makes threads so powerful.
  • This threading process eliminates the risk of disconnection when the rod is grounded.

In thread processing, cold rolling is preferable to the thread cutting step. In the threading process, the stripping process minimizes the strength of the bar & cold rolling process strength of the bar remains the same. These cross-section grounding rods are threaded on both ends to allow rod-to-rod connections with joints to meet needs of specific customers. This process allows you to reach a depth of 100 feet without damaging threads or joints.

Features of Copper Bonded Earth Rod.

  • Advanced automatic electroplating production line and 4D constant electroplating process ensure uniform plating and stable performance of the ground rod.
  • The “accelerated corrosion experiment” was conducted by Chinese authorities using various types of soil and has been shown to have an anchor earth rod life of over 40 years.
  • Factory laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art analytical tools for analyzing and testing dozens of technical parameters during the coating manufacturing process.

Why use Copper Bonded Earth Rod.

There is no need to use clay and GI copper rods, copper tapes or SS rods for grounding. SS and copper are pure materials. Compared with other materials, they have inherent strength, wear resistance and sensitivity to severe weather and high temperature. Therefore, the service life of SS and copper is very long. GI and copper alloy bars are respectively galvanized and copper plated on low carbon steel to extend the service life of the bars, but in the long run, these bars are prone to corrosion. SS rods are very expensive, while GI rods have a short lifespan. Therefore, use copper rods or copper connecting rods (for budget items).  Because copper is a great conductor of electricity, is relatively cheap and easily available.

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