What is Demonstration License?

Demonstration license simply means the license to demonstrate. In the context of telecommunication product, it’s the license to possess it for demonstration purposes.

In this article, we cover all the questions pertaining to this registration including:

  1. What is the demonstration license?
  2. Why are the benefits to obtain such a certification?
  3. The procedure to obtain demonstration license
  4. The fees involved to undertake the process

What is a Demonstration License?

Demonstration license is a non-network license for those who wish to demonstrate a wireless product in their possession. The Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing, WPC, is the regulatory authority that issues this permission to only those with a valid dealer possession license.

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What are the benefits of demonstration license?

Telecommunication products are always evolving in terms of looks and functionalities. Before such a product can have a consumer-base, the consumer should have a demo of its abilities.

Therefore, companies from all around the glove organize exhibitions geared towards demonstrating the product.  Other benefits of demonstration license are as follows:


Demonstrating a product builds up a hype around it. As a result, you can already obtain pre-orders for your wireless product before it lands to the market.

Consumer Awareness:

The more a consumer is aware, the more interested he will be in your product. Therefore, This license can aid with consumer awareness. By demonstrating the capabilities of the product beforehand, you can build certain expectations in the heart of your prospective customers.

To enjoy those benefits, you need to obtain the dealer possession license. Thankfully, the procedure to obtain is pretty straightforward courtesy of government’s inclination to promote the telecom sector in India.

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What is the procedure to obtain Demonstration License?

The Demonstration License procedure hinges on whether or not you have the DPL license. If you don’t, you need to get the Dealer Possession License first.

Once you have obtained it, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Put together the following documents required for the certification:
    1. Certificate of incorporation
    2. Memorandum of Association
    3. Articles of Association
    4. Dealer possession license
    5. Technical literature of the wireless product
  2. Fill the application form in the prescribed format.
  3. Submit the application form the regional office along with the documents.
  4. Wait as the WPC analyze your application form.
  5. if the application is accepted, you’ll obtain the license.

What is the fees involved with this license?

There are two types of fee involved with the process of obtaining the license:

  1. The government fee that the WPC charges
  2. The professional fee that the expert filing your application charges
Government fee

Right now, there is not much information available pertaining to the government fee for demonstration license. However, there is a speculation that the fee is based on the type of wireless product involved with demonstration.

Professional fee

If you happen to reach out to the right experts, the professional fee for the this license is nominal at best. They will provide you end to end services for the license including application filing, documentation, and department follow up.

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if you want to create a hype around your product before pushing it into the market, you must get it. Wireless Planning and Coordination wing will only issue it to you if you already have the Dealer possession license. Once you have it, you can follow the aforementioned steps with the requisite documents to get started.

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