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What is Hairline Lowering Surgery and its Benefits?

The consistent development in cosmetic procedures has made it easy for people to achieve their desired looks. Now, it is possible for doctors to perform minor to major cosmetic surgeries without any flaws. A hairline lowering surgery is one of the lists of popular cosmetic treatments. It is also known as forehead reduction which is a really useful procedure. It is a viable solution for those who are having overly high frontal hairlines. Or you can say people with wide foreheads are ideal candidates for this surgical treatment. A large forehead would undoubtedly not match up with other facial features. This could lead to undesirable aesthetic looks and a lack of confidence. However, this surgery can address this issue productively and can improve overall facial appearance.

What is forehead reduction surgery?

You may have a high frontal hairline on the head that can cause a wide difference between brows and your hairline. The problem can be triggered due to genetics and hair loss. It can affect the overall appearance of your facial beauty. So, by getting this treatment you can lower the hairline to reduce forehead length. It is also known as foreheadplasty which can create a rounded hairline and can improve facial looks. This treatment can also be connected with other procedures like brow and facelift. However, lowering hairline transplants is a surgical procedure that needs the utmost skill and precision. So, you must get it performed by an experienced hair surgeon only. It might also come with some complications and side effects. So, look below at how it is performed before knowing about its benefits.

The working of forehead reduction surgery

This is a surgical procedure that can derive positive outcomes for your specific needs. It is expected to get 2 cm of forehead lowering with this technique. However, the length of reduction could be more dependent upon several factors. Therefore, it is vital to make an initial consultation with the surgeon prior to getting it done. The surgeon will mark the skin with a dark marker and make an incision on the forehead skin. The skin is cut with a specialized medical tool and the scalp will be lowered down. Then the surgeon will stitch the scalp to the skin and cover the treated area with dressings. The procedure will be performed under general anesthesia since it is painful.

Benefits of forehead last or forehead reduction surgery

Reduces large forehead

You may have a high hairline due to genetics which can hamper your looks. Generally, males have a higher hairline than females. But it does not mean that this procedure is only good for men. Females can also undergo this treatment as they have more scalp laxity. This surgical procedure can work to lower the hairline by more than an inch or two. So, you can achieve a natural-looking hairline that will match all other facial features. You can get improved looks than before by getting this treatment.

Improved facial proportions

The division of the face into three equal parts is considered the best facial appearance. It includes hairline to brows, brows to the bottom of the nose, and nose to the bottom of the chin. But when you have a high hairline, it will create a flaw in the facial proportions. The area between the hairline and eyebrows would become larger which will create a mismatch. Therefore, lowering hairline transplant treatment can work to reduce this flaw by correcting facial proportions. This procedure can provide you with an equally distributed face to make you look attractive.

Instant results

The obvious benefit of forehead reduction is its instant outcome that you can notice after the procedure. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, you would not have to wait for the designated time to see results. You can think about this surgery and can get it performed instantly by consulting a surgeon. The expert will first evaluate your hairline to conclude potent outcomes. However, you must have a flexible scalp that could be brought down easily. In addition, you must be in good health condition before getting this surgery.

Healthy recovery

Regardless of the surgical nature of this treatment, you can expect to have a quicker recovery. The ideal surgery time for this procedure is 2 hours which is performed under general anesthesia. However, you have to stay for one night in the hospital to be under expert supervision. Besides, this treatment is safe for you but still, you have to follow aftercare instructions by the hair surgeon. This would help in fast recovery and you will be able to return to your routine. The ideal recovery period is 4-6 weeks and you might experience some manageable side effects. Bleeding, swelling, and redness are some common side effects that will fade away.

Scar hiding

Undoubtedly, with a lowering hairline transplant, you will get a visible scar along with a hairline. The scar would appear as a result of sutures closed after completing the procedure. It can give an unnatural look to your forehead as well. But the good news is that it is possible to conceal the scar completely. The hair follicles under the scar can work to hide it properly under the hairs. Moreover, you can use lotions and creams to reduce the appearance of scars as well. So overall, this treatment will give you a natural facial appearance.

Improves confidence

A high hairline would certainly decrease your morale when you stand along with your friends and family. You might feel anxious about your looks due to an overly high hairline as it can give a bald look. But, when you get this treatment and recovered from it properly, you can regain your confidence. The permanent and natural-looking hairline will augment your facial traits. So, you will be able to match your distinct style and aura.

To sum up

Hairline lowering surgery is really a boon for those struggling with uneven facial looks. This procedure has several benefits as mentioned above in the post. Therefore, you must seek the best hair restoration clinic to consult with the surgeon. This is a popular cosmetic treatment that you can also get with a facelift. The cost for this procedure can reach 9500 dollars depending on your unique needs.

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