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What is the difference between B. Tech (Computer Science) and BCA?

There is no doubt that computers have greatly revolutionized the modern lifestyle across the world. Besides, it has become a crucial part of relaxation and work. Well, if you want to have a career in any field of computers, you can go for different subjects, such as BCA course or you can opt for B. Tech in Computer Science. These are computer-based courses and quite popular among the students.

Well, looking at the importance of computers in this world, their study has also become an important thing, and it also offers lucrative job opportunities in different fields.

In general, B. Tech and BCA online courses are two popular subjects that are related to technology, and choosing the best one can be a challenging task for you. How? Because these two subjects have similar teaching methodologies, they also offer almost similar career prospects. So, which one is the best for you? Well, keep reading to find out your answer.

BCA Computer Course or B. Tech CS?

As per the experts, B. Tech CS provides students with better career opportunities compared to a BCA computer course.  Some will say that if you want to get a good job after your graduation, then B. Tech CS is a perfect program. But if you want to do PG or Post-Graduation, then BCA can be a good option for you. It has been seen that most students prefer to opt for BCA as it doesn’t require the candidates to qualify for any competitive entrance examinations. Well, let’s talk about these two subjects in detail so that you can choose the right option for you.

  1. Tech CS – Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science

Speaking about B. Tech, the total duration of this course is four years, and this is a popular undergraduate professional program. This is also a major degree in engineering with a specialization in CS. Under this course, you will learn about computers in detail and will explore more about their concepts, hardware, software, applications, and more. In the field of computer science, this is considered a prestigious course.

Some of the major topics that you will study in B. Tech are database management systems, computer architecture, operating systems, digital circuits & systems, and more. Candidates passing out with this degree from the top-notch colleges and universities enjoy attractive jobs with better salaries in well-known companies. There is a great scope for B. Tech students in the private as well as government sectors.

Career options

After completing your B. Tech Computer Science degree, you can work as:

  • DB Administrator
  • Director of IT
  • Computer Operator
  • Hardware Designer
  • Developers
  • Mainframe Systems Designer
  • System Engineers and more.

BCA-Bachelor in Computer Application

Now, coming to BCA, this is another popular undergraduate degree course with a duration of three years and focuses on different applications of computers. As this will focus on computer applications, under this, it is not necessary to understand the hardware functioning and technicalities of the computers. BCA covers subjects, like data structure, C, Java, and other core programming languages, database, networking, multimedia system, and more.

It has been seen that most of the BCA graduates prefer to go for the MCA – Masters of Computer Application degree program after the completion of BCA. Students doing their BCA course can begin their careers in the private and government sectors. Some of the top colleges and universities also offer placement opportunities. So, to start your career in the IT sector, this can also be a good option.

Career prospects

Don’t think that a BCA degree doesn’t offer better job opportunities compared to B. Tech CS. After the degree, you can start working as:

  • Project manager
  • Software engineer
  • System administrator
  • Database management professional
  • Software architect
  • Information management professional
  • Computer programmer
  • System analyst and more.

Salary packages

As per some studies, the average package of B. Tech CS candidates can range from Rs. 2.50 LPA to Rs. 5 LPA. However, in some cases, it can go up to Rs. 1,50,00,000 per annum for deserving candidates. But the average annual salary for BCA students can range from Rs. 2 LPA to Rs. 4 LPA. But you can enjoy better jobs by opting for MCA and other certifications.

If you want to do an MCA degree to begin your career in this field, you can easily do that by BCA offered by top universities in India. Go on and enroll now.

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