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What to Try on Golden Triangle Tour India?

Golden Triangle Tour India

Here are what to try on the Golden triangle tour of India. These things will help you to enjoy your golden triangle tour even more. Try These Things While Golden Triangle Tour

Things to Try in Delhi: Treat Your Ears to a Beautiful Qawwali Evening at Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah

If you want to experience something unique and special in Delhi. Also, head to Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah in the western Nizamuddin district of the city. Also, spend the evening listening to sublime Qawwali sessions that are convinced to touch your essence! There’s nothing better than an evening amidst heartwarming live Sufi music followed by a hot and spicy kebab dinner on the streets of Nizamuddin Basti to make your Golden Triangle Delhi Agra Jaipur tour come alive.

An ecstatic session of Qawwali in Old Delhi is certainly better than most of the city’s live music cafes and fancy pubs can offer!

Delhi: Taste Delicious Street Food and Taste the Spicy and Tangy Flavors of Asia’s Foodie Capital

You haven’t experienced Delhi if you haven’t tasted its range of overly tempting, utterly tasty, and very unhealthy street food that will bring tears to your eyes (like, literally!) Market from Kamla Nagar, Paharganj Market, Pandara Road, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Rajinder Da Dhaba and most importantly the chaotic streets of Chandni Chowk are the major hubs that feed the foodie population that resides or visits Delhi. These places are listed on the priorities while booking golden triangle tour India packages.

The most intoxicating flavors you can devour on these streets include those of aloo tikki, chhole bhature, Gol Gappa, aloo chaat, Bhalla papdi, samosa, kebabs, tikkas, chhole kulche, nan khatai, bhel poori, besan ka chila, chana zor garam, and much more. And if you don’t like spicy food, you can most definitely try Delhi’s evergreen range of sweet, creamy and sweet delicacies like jalebi, kulfi, rabri faluda, Daulat ki chaat and its endless variety of mithai (sweets) that simply melt in your mouth!

Things to Try in Agra

Agra: Walk the Huge Royal Halls of Agra Fort

This fortified palatial city is located just 2.5 km from its sister monument, the Taj. Agra Fort has a maze-like structure, high-rise walls, a striking fusion of red sandstone and white marble, and the unparalleled royal personality that makes it one of the favorite places to visit in Agra.

When here, you’ll feel no less than old-time royalty! Be sure not to miss the Diwan-i-Khas (a place for special guests of the king) and the Diwan-i-Aam (a place for public speeches) during your stay.

Entrance fee for Indian tourists: INR 20/- per person

Entrance fee for foreign tourists: INR 500/- per person

Opening hours: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Agra: Treat Yourself To Sweet And Savory “Pethas Of Agra” That Will Drive You Crazy!

Agra is not only popular for the architectural marvels of the Mughal era but also for its variety of savory treats. Among the best of these is Petha – a rose-flavored molasses candy made from coarse butternut pumpkin and glucose. In fact, among the best things to do while touring the Golden Triangle in India, treat yourself to these delicious treats! Don’t forget to try the famous Paan Petha while you are here.

Tip: Buy pethas in Agra only from an authentic and certified outlet, such as Sadar Bazaar Confectionery. The Panchhi Petha (type of dry sweet), recognized for its most excellent quality pethas, is the most renowned brand in Agra.

Things to Try in Jaipur

Jaipur: Fall in Love with the Shimmering Ceilings and Captivating History of Amber Fort

Another remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Site you will come across on this Golden Triangle Delhi Agra Jaipur tour is Amber (or Amer) Fort. It sits majestically on top of a small hill with stunning red and white sandstone exteriors perfectly reflected in Lake Martha below. This seemingly ancient fort harbors as many eye-catching wonders within its wall. As a regal personality and endless battle scars, it bears outside.

Visitors tend to be swept away by the charm of the fort, which includes royal courtyards. Also, temples, a ‘Sheesh Mahal’ and the mesmerizing sound and light show held in the evenings. In addition, the interiors are home to endless attractions – mysterious carvings on white marble, thousands of intricately cut mirrors on the walls and ceilings that glint in the light, stained glass windows, and vintage and regal effects of kings. And courtiers of old. . With so much and more, visitors to the fort expect endless surprises and treats at every turn!

Distance from Jaipur: 13 km

Entrance fee for Indian tourists: INR 100/- per person

Entrance fee for foreign tourists: INR 500/- per person

Opening hours: 8 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Tip: treat yourself to a hot air balloon ride at Amber Fort to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the pink city and its many sumptuous palaces.

Jaipur: Explore the Enchanting Wonders of the Pink City

There are many forts, palaces, and heritage sites in Jaipur left to us by the Maharajas and Emperors which now sparkle like jewels in the city landscape. As well as attracting millions of tourists each year, they are important reminders of our glorious past! Enjoy all the wonders of pink city on your Jaipur sightseeing tour packages.

Some of these gems include the Hawa Mahal, or Palace of the Winds. Which has over 958 ‘jharokhas’, or windows, and the admirable City Palace, which is now a museum showcasing the distinctive royal heritage that once was. Other such gems include the Jantar Mantar, one of the largest astronomical observatories ever built in the world, and the Jal Mahal, a “floating” palace that transforms a stark contrast of yellow lighting and midnight blue background at dusk.

RCI-Mall: Rajasthan Cottage Industry

Rajasthani is an initiative of the government of Rajasthan. It’s a big store and there are various handicrafts. These objects are in stone, marble, terracotta, brass, etc. There are also blue pottery, painting, silver and LAC jewelry, textiles, etc. It is also very famous for fabric shopping. Therefore, if you are looking for a place where you can shop for a wedding, this will be the best for you. You will get very high-quality fabric that you can use at the event to give to your loved ones. Giving and receiving prizes is an important habit in Indian events and especially marriage. All items are very beautiful and colorful. You can check their Instagram account also at

The golden triangle tour will give you a beautiful time that you can enjoy in the future. Buy as much as you can to preserve your memory. Also, will be happy to come back here again and again.

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