When Aquaguard Service Is Necessary For Filter And Membrane?

If you’re using an Aquaguard RO water purifier then you ought to know the importance of adjusting RO Membrane and Filters on time. We can also focus on the Aquaguard service so it can work properly.
If we can timley replace the Aquaguard RO filters and membranes.

It will give us 100% pure and safe beverage .
When the Aquaguard RO purifiers need service the primary thing that involves our minds is that the replacement of the filters and membranes which are present in it.

It is essential that you simply have a basic understanding of the periodic schedule of replacement of filters because filters and Membrane constitute the main parts of Aquaguard water purifier.

And therefore the cost of replacement of filters and membrane is around 80% of total maintenance costs of an RO purifier.
The purpose of this post isn’t to show you into some technical expert on RO water purifiers but to offer you which is good RO and service when you exchange the filters and membrane of your water purifier.

This information helps in –
Making sure that you simply always get clean, pure and 100% safe water.
Increasing the lifetime of your RO water purifier. This will increase when we grt regularly doing the Aquaguard Service.
Reducing the upkeep cost. Aquaguard Service will give you the best RO service to your water purifiers.
Avoid cheated by unethical service technicians. Aquaguard Service will also provide you the best technician for the better performance of your water purifier.

Therefore, before we start spilling the beans on when to exchange RO membrane and filters, it’s important that we first tell you about all the factors on which it all depends.

Level of impurities within the input water

Check the TDS Level or hardness of the input water. Aquaguard Water Purifier will give you the best TDS level of water.
If the water has very high level of impurities, high TDS level or if you employ your RO purifier to purify large quantities of water, then the filters and RO membrane would wish to get replaced quite frequently. But if you will go to the Aquaguard Service Center they will check your water purifier at a regular time interval.

The Aquaguard RO pre-filter (installed outside the RO water purifier) should ideally get replaced every 3 – 4 months. The replacement interval are often shorter or longer depending upon the standard and quantity of water purified. Aquaguard Service will provide you the best filter to your water purifier and give the best service to your water purifier.
The other pre-filters which include the Sediment Filter and Carbon Filter should be changed every 6-12 months counting on what proportion water you purify and the way good or bad the input water is. However, this is often just a mean and to urge the precise time to vary them we’d like to seem at filters individually.

When to vary the Aquaguard Sediment filter?

Aquaguard Service
Aquaguard Service

Sediment is the process through which we remove all the sediment and dirt from the water. By this process we can maintain our filter very easily. Aquaguard water purifier will provide you all the facility to your water purifier.
Every home may need different amount of sediment within the input water. So there’s no ‘one size fits all’ answer to inform you ways long it should last for you.
It is important to stay the pressure as high as possible getting into to the membrane. Therefore the sediment filter would only cost a couple of hundred rupees. So it’s always recommended to vary the Sediment Filter on time. If Sediment filter isn’t changed on time then the dirt will reach the RO membrane. Therefore the membrane will get clogged. This reduces the efficiency and therefore the lifetime of RO Membrane.
If you maintain your Sediment Filter properly, the Carbon Filter and RO Membrane should last an extended time. Aquaguard water purifier provide you the all type of sediment filter according to your home.

When to vary Carbon filter?

Aquaguard Service
Aquaguard Service

Water from Sediment Filter is skilled the carbon filter (also referred to as the activated charcoal Filter), which removes chlorine. Carbon filter also filters out the bad odor and unsightly taste from the water.
Chlorine in water also adversely affects the lifetime of the RO membrane. activated charcoal filter absorbs Chlorine and other organic impurities. Thereby extends the lifetime of the RO membrane. It’s therefore vital to vary the Carbon filter at regular intervals so as to extend the lifetime of RO Membrane and stop bad odor and bad taste within the purified water.
We recommend replacing your Carbon filter a minimum of once during a year. Aquaguard has high quality of water filters which will provide you the carbon free water.

Aquaguard Service is the best service provider to your water filter which will give your water purifier a long life. We are also providing the best AMC which are the best plans all over the India. These plans are at reasonable price.

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