When You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Your accident lawsuit may not require the services of a personal injury attorney. However, before deciding how to proceed with your case, you should speak with an accident attorney.


A personal injury lawyer examines your claim and informs you of your legal options.

He responds to your inquiries and provides information that you may use to make decisions about your next steps.

You may decide to proceed without engaging an attorney based on what you learn during your initial session, or you may decide that employing a personal injury lawyer is in your best interests.


What Can a Personal Injury Attorney Do for You?


Having a personal injury attorney such as a personal injury lawyer Oklahoma on your side can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Your accident attorney can assist you in the following ways:


Describe your legal rights and choices for obtaining compensation for your personal injury claim.


  • Defend yourself against insurance fraud.
  • Assist you in avoiding mistakes that could jeopardize your claim.
  • Investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident and gather evidence to establish fault and liabilities.
  • Determine who is to blame for your injuries.
  • File insurance claims and handles all insurance provider communication.
  • Retain specialists to help you with your case.
  • Assist you in documenting your losses.
  • Calculate the highest possible settlement for your personal injury claim.
  • Negotiate a reasonable settlement for your personal injury case.
  • Reduce medical liens and subrogation claims by negotiating with medical providers and health insurance companies.
  • If required, file a personal injury lawsuit.


Speak with a lawyer if you’re still unclear if you need to engage an Atlanta injury lawyer to handle your case. Before making any decisions, make sure you have all of the facts.


The Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney


Aside from the reasons outlined above for hiring an accident lawyer, there are 4 instances that strongly suggest you should seek legal advice before proceeding with your personal injury claim.

1. You were seriously injured.


For a variety of reasons, cases with catastrophic injuries are more challenging.


The financial damages are larger when a person suffers a severe injury.


In the event of a car accident, construction accident, or medical malpractice claim, carefully documenting these damages can help you collect compensation for missed wages, medical bills, and other financial losses.

Serious traumas, such as spinal cord injuries, amputations, and brain damage, can result in permanent disability.


An attorney fights for compensation for long-term injuries and impairments, as well as future damages caused by these conditions. Expert witnesses may be required to establish that the accident resulted in permanent impairment and to determine the number of future damages.

2. The Insurance Company Is Behaving Inexcusably

In order to resolve a personal injury claim, the at-fault party’s insurance company should act in good faith. Some insurance companies, on the other hand, engage in bad faith insurance practices in order to escape liability for a claim.


The following are some examples of bad faith insurance practises:


  • Failure to conduct an investigation into a claim
  • Causing inconvenient delays
  • Providing inaccurate information
  • Unnecessary and time-consuming documentation
  • Refusing to pay a legitimate claim
  • Changing the policy’s conditions
  • Using obnoxious tactics to persuade victims to accept an unreasonable settlement offer


If the insurance company acts in bad faith, you may be able to file a second claim against them in addition to your personal injury claim. Before speaking with an insurance company about the accident or your injuries, it is usually in your best interest to speak with a lawyer.


3. The insurance company or another party claims that you were a contributing factor in the accident.


A car came to a halt for a pedestrian.


Another common approach employed by insurance companies and defence attorneys is to place blame on the victim for the harm. The insurance company might argue, for example, that texting while walking contributed to the cause of your pedestrian accident.

Because you were not paying attention, you bear some of the responsibility for your injuries.

According to Georgia’s comparative fault statutes, if you contributed to the cause of your damage, your compensation may be decreased.


Assume a jury determines that you were 30 percent to blame for the pedestrian accident. Only 70% of the award must be paid by the insurance carrier.


If an insurance company or any party argues that your conduct contributed to your injury, you should contact a personal injury lawyer right once. Do not speak to anyone about the claim until you have spoken with a lawyer. During a trial, your statements and comments could be utilized to persuade the jury that you were somewhat at fault.

4. You have no idea how much your personal injury claim is worth.


With a calculator, you may calculate your medical cost and insurance form.


You may be entitled to damages if you are hurt as a result of the misconduct or negligence of another party. Financial losses, pain, and suffering are all examples of damages. If you are unfamiliar with personal injury rules, calculating a value for your personal injury claim may be difficult.


The financial losses caused by the accident and your injury are referred to as economic damages. The following are some examples of financial losses:


  • Medical expenses
  • Wages that have been lost
  • Expenses for travel
  • Assist with household tasks
  • Personal attention
  • In-home medical assistance


The total of all bills and financial losses is the number of economic damages. The insurance company, on the other hand, could argue that some of the costs were not reasonable or required. Some expenses may be denied as unrelated to the disaster.

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It’s considerably more difficult to value pain and suffering. How do you put a monetary value on a person’s physical, emotional, and mental anguish? How can the impact of a permanent disability or the loss of quality of life be valued?


The value of pain and suffering damages is influenced by a number of things. The worth of pain and suffering damages can also be calculated in a variety of ways. A personal injury lawyer knows how to maximize the value of pain and suffering damages by utilizing the facts of the case.

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