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Where to store vacuum cleaner?

Do you struggle with space? Are you constantly trying to find ways to increase your storage? Are you frustrated by a large vacuum cleaner taking up more space than you would like?

Perhaps you have more space than you need but are trying to find a better spot/area to put your vacuum cleaner.

No matter what your situation is, a chaotic home can cause you great pain.

Storage and vacuum cleaners

Contrary to what many people believe, messing around at home does not result from laziness.

A lack of space is a common reason for messy homes.

It could be that your storage problems are caused by a lack of space or too many items. It’s possible to create a sense of order, neatness, and organization in your home with the right storage.

Even if your living space is tiny, you can still maximize storage efficiency, even if it’s a bit tricky.

But, storage keeps our homes clean and tidy time after time.

Yes, Vacuum cleaners are often necessary for various cleaning chores. However, they can be daunting and awkward to store. Large canister vacuum cleaners such as Miele Blizzard CX1 require a good amount of space to store.

You will find the best storage solution for your needs.

Where should you store your vacuum cleaner?

We cannot offer a single solution. We’ve got suggestions that might be a good fit in your home.

We made sure to offer many options so homeowners of different sizes and layouts could find the right solution.

Three Considerations Before You Decide On The Storage Space

Although there are very few storage options available in every house, how creatively you use them can make all the difference. These are the main things you should consider:

  1. Layout and Space in Your Home

A majority of homes have a kitchen and bathroom. What are the spaces you need in these areas?

  2. Size And Type Of Vacuum Cleaner:

There are abundant vacuum cleaners on the market. Either choose one that will fit in your existing cabinet or closet, or you can buy a vacuum to make the space work.

  3. What’s your vacuum cleaning frequency?

Are you using it daily, weekly, or bi-weekly? Or even less frequently? The frequency with which you vacuum will affect the storage space that you need or what you should consider.

Other factors, such as type of flooring, pets, carpets, weather, and so forth, are also important.

Useful ideas for vacuum cleaner storage:

  1. Closets are your very convenient friend.

The majority of homes ideally have one closet that isn’t used?

It could be located under the stairs or in the kitchen pantry. You can convert a utility, storage rack, or broom closet that is not used to store your vacuum cleaner and attachments. It is possible to make minor adjustments and install hooks or railings.

Closets can be a great option for larger vacuum cleaners to keep them hidden when not in use.

 2. You can use your kitchen pantry or laundry room to store things.

It is important to have your vacuum cleaner handy for those who use it often and like to keep their house tidy.

It is a great idea to find a place in the laundry or kitchen for many reasons.

A separate closet is not necessary because the laundry or pantry is usually enclosed, and guests are often not invited to look in it.

A laundry room can be a great storage space for larger vacuum cleaners, such as upright models. They are also easily accessible.

Furthermore, vacuuming in one of these places makes sense in terms of vacuuming your environment.

You should start at one end of your house and work your way towards the other. It makes sense to vacuum your laundry/kitchen area as it is often located at the front of your house.

  3. Hooks and Hardboard for Fuss-Free Storage

You can turn any wall space that is not being used or unused in your home into storage for your vacuum cleaner.

This can be done by anyone with a perforated board and hooks. Hooks that are heavy-duty can support upright vacuum cleaners.

You can also hang cords and attachments. You should test the strength and stability of the hooks to ensure that everything is secure.

  4. Garages are always a last resort option.

If you have a garage or are lucky enough to have one, you know how valuable it can be as a storage space. Almost all shop vacuum owners store their vacuums in their garage.

Is a garage an option? It seems silly to transport your vacuum cleaner from one place to the next when you use it.

Machines such as Shark NV752 which is portable and convertible into upright and canister can be ideally stored in this type of location.

This option is feasible if you have an attached garage.


It can be difficult to know where your vacuum cleaner should go, especially if there is limited storage or you have a large vacuum cleaner.

But with some planning and innovation, you can find the perfect spot to park your vacuum. You can really find the ideal spot to store your vacuum.

It looks better and is more attractive. Functional storage space can also be used to store other items, create extra space, tidy up your home, and even protect your vacuum cleaner.

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