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Which is the best hospital for cancer care in Bangalore?

Cancer is a severe disease that is caused by the abnormal growth of cells. The cancerous cells create ruckus in the nerves. The symptoms are not revealed in the initial period. Hence it is necessary to do a checkup. It will help in predicting the development of cancerous cells. An oncologist is the health expert who treats the conditions of cancer allied conditions. Besides, cancer treatment involves many procedures, including consultation, therapy, and surgery. 

However, it is difficult to find the right hospital which can offer all treatment under one roof. Therefore cancer hospital in Bangalore has technology that evaluates the roots of cancer. There are numerous therapies offered by the hospital, including chemotherapy, radiation, and drug therapy. 

Who can treat and diagnose cancer conditions?

Cancer is undoubtedly discomforting, and however, the right doctor can provide the proper treatment for the well-being of the patient. In case you wonder who can treat cancer conditions. Then oncologists are the health experts who treat and diagnose cancer. Besides, cancer can occur in various parts such as the brain and spinal, stomach, cervical and breast. 

Every cancer hospital in Bangalore has a dedicated oncologist depending upon the specialty. The specialty according to the type of cancer is as follows:

  • Gyne Oncologist

When the cancer is developed in the cervix or breast, it is known as cervical and breast cancer. Besides, a gyne oncologist is a health expert who deals with cancer in the female reproductive system.

  • Medical Oncologist

Most cancer can be treated by medication, and therefore a medical oncologist diagnoses and provides treatment through medicine. Besides, the doctor uses chemotherapy, hormone therapy and immunotherapy. 

  • Surgical Oncologist

The surgical oncologist performs surgical operations to treat the cancer cells. The doctors are trained to perform a biopsy for the treatment. 

  • Radiation Oncologist

Radiation therapy is most commonly used in cancer treatment. Therefore a radiation oncologist is an expert in using ionizing radiation. 

  • Neurosurgeon

A neurosurgeon performs brain cancer surgery. The doctors will provide the treatment and medication for the brain disorder. 

Best Cancer Hospital in Bangalore

Following are the list of hospitals in Bangalore for cancer care. The hospitals are well equipped with a team of professionals, technology and treatment. 

  • Manipal Hospital Bangalore

The hospital is located in the Kodihalli Airport Road Bangalore. Besides, it is one of the best cancer hospitals in Bangalore. Manipal hospital has a dedicated branch of cancer care, and they offer the latest technology for the treatment of cancer. However, the team of professionals includes neurologists, oncologists, cardiologists and other experts in the medical domain. The doctors use chemotherapy, radiation therapy and drug therapy to treat the cancer conditions. 

In addition, the hospital offers ambulatory services, diagnostic services and cancer care for the patients. 

  • Fortis Hospital Bangalore

The hospital is located on Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. Fortis hospital serves as a proficient cancer hospital in Bangalore. The hospital provides cancer treatment and procedures for various conditions. Besides, Fortis offers treatment for breast, prostate, bladder and cervical cancer. In addition to this, they have upgraded technology, a team of experts and superior nurses.

Further, they follow chemotherapy and hormone therapy for cancer treatment. The doctors at the hospital are available around the clock. In addition, they are well trained to perform challenging operations. 

  • HCG Cancer Care Bangalore

The hospital is located in Koramangala, Bangalore. In the name itself, it is the best cancer hospital. HCG hospital has a state-of-the-art infrastructure with a great team of medical experts. They have a dynamic approach to treating cancer conditions. The doctors provide treatment for lung, skin, breast and stomach cancer. Besides, they provide bone marrow transplants, radiation therapy and chemotherapy for the patients. The oncologists follow the global standard of medical treatment. The doctors are available on call for providing treatment in critical conditions. 

  • Vikram Hospital Bangalore

Vikram Hospital Bangalore is located in the prime zone of the city. The hospital provides treatment for lung and skin cancer. The doctors at the hospital are trained to use and operate the latest technologies for cancer treatment. The team of professionals includes oncologists, cardiologists, and superior nurses. Besides, the medical body has ambulatory services, medical services and various therapies. In addition, the doctors offer chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and immunotherapy for cancer conditions.

Common signs of cancer include excess fatigue, indigestion and sudden headache. Besides, the symptoms may vary due to the type of cancer. Even if you notice any primal symptoms, seek immediate treatment. During cancer, patients also encounter persistent coughs. Therefore, it might be a warning sign. It is a complex disease, and therefore care has to be taken. 

Besides, get medical treatment for the same from the hospital. All treatment and procedures are available under one roof. The doctor can diagnose and design treatment plans according to the cancer type. 

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