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Why Does Voice Control API Require your Attention in 2022?

Voice Control has made communication easy especially in 2021.With a click, any information can be easily accessed via voice instead of searching or typing it online. As app developers, your main aim is to bring convenience to your users while using any application. This is why app developers like you need to enforce your attention and time towards using Voice control API more. 

To help you understand the impact of a voice call sdk solution, this blog will be your guide.

Why to Use Voice Control API in Mobile Apps?

Smartphones today are no longer just a medium to attend calls. They assist with daily activities as well. An online source revealed, ‘’ 52% of smart speaker owners keep them in a common room such as a living room. 25% of these people keep them in their bedroom, while 22% keep a smart speaker assistant in their kitchen. Among smart speaker owners who regularly use them, 62% will make a purchase using voice technology in the next month.’’

When app developers create applications, such as android voice calls, they are allowing multiple benefits to be experienced:

  • Hands-off With a ice calling app for android, there is no need to touch the smartphone to conduct any action. With simple instructions, the voice control gets activated and the work assigned is completed.
  • Quicker Access – Need to make a call or search for something online? The live voice call makes it easy to get any action done instantly.
  • User Friendly – The best part about voice call applications? They require no technical skills or learning any codes to get started.
  • Device Compatibility & Access to Any Language – Voice call solutions can be accessed on any device and be spoken in any language.

What is the Future of Voice Control Apps?

An online source revealed, ‘’In 2018, the US voice control market was worth $7.5 billion.’’

Apps today serve more than one purpose. App developers work on solving issues that are causing a lag in the applications. Due to this, app developers need to work on unique solutions to enhance the application better. Thus to encourage instant and easy communication, voice control grew popular. 

Today almost every smartphone has a voice control feature and with time, this feature is bound to enhance the way we communicate. 

Perks of Using Voice Control API Android Solution

Using a voice control application doesn’t have to be hard. As stated earlier, there are no codes that need to be memorized, a single click and a voice can instantly determine an action to be conducted. 

The top 3 perks are:

  • In comparison to other methods, using voice control helps you access anything quicker. 
  • In case if a user is occupied, with voice control the user can still get actions done. For instance, when driving, users can use voice control to call on a particular number without having to move their hands from the wheel. 
  • Many smartphone users would prefer voice control over typing as it is much more convenient and easy to access or get anything done

Using a voice API can help app developers like you to benefit business owners as well. For instance, by installing voice control APIs, business owners can allow their users to conduct any action without having to type anything such as find clothing, etc. This helps to deliver better customer satisfaction rates. 

Use Cases of Voice Call Solutions

Having a live audio call app benefits any type of industry. Here are the four use cases that uses this solution.

voice control api

1. Healthcare

Patients that have disability issues can easily benefit from voice control. From connecting to a doctor and exchanging their medical records that includes x-rays, diagnostic tests, etc., with voice control the process, everything has become simple now

2. Social Media

Social media is a popular hub for engagements. With voice control, users can easily find it convenient to engage with anyone globally. It is a better way to conduct real-time communications. 

3. Education

Voice control can benefit you when you wish to learn some new music or languages. With voice control, finding the right knowledge and practicing the same can help anyone develop new skills quicker. 

4. Traveling

Traveling is great but communication can be an issue here. In case you wish to understand another language, using voice control for translating apps can benefit you. It becomes easier to understand the new language and respond rapidly. 

Perks of Using a Voice Calling API 

As an app developer, there are multiple components required to create an application. Thus to create voice control applications, app developers like you will consume multiple times and effort.

In a fast-moving environment, app developers need to be quick. This is where voice calling API solutions help. These voice calling APIs provide pre-built components that can help you get started with them easily. Apart from this, you can also enhance the application with the features these APIs provide as well. 

Which SDK Provider Should You Choose in 2021?

1. CONTUS MirrorFly API

Contus Mirrorfly provides highly secured voice calling API and SDKs into any device on any platform. With a programmable voice API solution, it helps to connect, manage and route calls on any device. The voice call solution provides tons of features such as call recording, cross-platform support, etc. 

2. Siri Shortcuts

Siri is popular amongst iOS applications. It conducts tasks without having to do anything manually. It can be customized accordingly and is well supported by any Apple device. 

3. Azure Speech to Text API

Azure speech to text is a Microsoft creation. It offers speech to text and text to speech services. The audio is conducted via any programmable language. 

4. Amazon Transcribe

Amazon Transcribe is an automatic speech recognition system. It supports only English and Spanish currently. It also helps to transcribe live audio as well. 


The use of voice call applications needs to be a must amongst app developers as voice control is the future. With voice call solutions, app developers like you can make engagements one step easier. While there are multiple voice call software available in the market, you require a voice calling API to assist you. 

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