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Why is a great website design engaging visitors?

Your brand’s website is a crucial factor in determining the company’s online existence, and therefore it is essential to design an engaging and user-friendly website. The website is also responsible for engaging the audience with the company and thereby playing a major role in your company’s growth.

There are a lot of choices available in the market from where you can choose a good website design company and rely on them. Make sure that your website is designed such that it is easily accessible to visitors.

Here are some factors that explain the importance of a good website design as per the visitors’ perspective.

  • Brand image: Your website design is the first thing people see and get an idea about your website through its layout. Therefore, it helps in constructing the first opinion about your brand. A website’s design comprises the colours, fonts, layouts, pictures, etc., and they all determine the website’s final look.
  • Colour: If some colours align with your website’s logo and depict the elements of your company, then you must go with those colours. But if you are a beginner, you must think about the colours you are choosing for your website. For example, blue portrays trust, and the colour black portrays quality. You can always look for some website designing companies to design your website. You will find the best website design company in Kolkata, India.
  • Layout: The most basic rule that you must follow while designing your website is that your website should look clean, well-organized and must spotlight the most important features of your brand. Approximately 83% of the people are drawn towards a website that looks attractive and is updated. Also, keep in mind that the options you offer in the menu bar or the drop-down menus must be according to your visitor’s preference. You can also go with different testing layouts and determine which layout is most convenient for your visitors.
  • Fonts and typography: The font you select for your website’s layout should be simple and easily readable. Also, the colour of your chosen font should not be difficult to read because of the background colour. But the most notable thing to keep in mind while selecting the font for your website is the audience. Different age group prefers different fonts, and therefore your target audience should decide the font of your website. For example, children are attracted to fun and colourful font. On the contrary, the old age group prefers simple and clear fonts.
  • Website accessibility: The easy accessibility of your website is not only required to grow your brand but it is also made compulsory as per the legislation. Your website’s accessibility has to be such that it is easily accessible to even the disabled. But many companies are not even aware of this fact, and it is quite challenging to build an easily accessible website.
  • Site navigation: A good website design helps visitors go through the site easily, which is the most significant benefit of a good website design. Around 94% of the population agree that easy navigation is one of the most desirable features in any website design. Any visitor who navigates through your website seeks to get some information from your website, and a good website design will help the visitor get the required information quickly. The easy site navigation will engage more and more audiences and help your brand grow faster. Your website design should convey a good understanding of the brand to the visitor.

Website Design has to be taken very seriously, as it is the main factor in developing the visitor’s interest and thereby helping in the growth of your brand. You can look for a website design company in Jadavpur, Kolkata, India, or you can design it all by yourself. But make sure that your website is easily accessible for visitors. Also, keep in mind that the content you provide on your website is relevant and true. 50% of the visitors will never visit the website again if they find the matter irrelevant.

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