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Why is animated explainer videos a must for your brand?

In recent years we have seen videos dominating the world. And it’s no secret that the video industry is only going to grow at a faster pace because of this. With the availability of different platforms, devices and faster internet, it’s hard to miss video content. So what is with videos that make it so successful and why should it be adopted into marketing?

It is found that videos have more user engagement than any other form of content. Specifically animated explainer videos. They can be extremely useful for businesses to gain new users and to provide an informative video about the products and services offered within a short span of time. So why aren’t more businesses using it? It’s because most businesses have the perception that creating a video is impractical. They believe that video making is expensive and time-consuming. But it’s a false perception. Video production has now become much easier with the new and more available technological resources. You can simply hire an animated explainer company at a very affordable price to harness this new age phenomenon of video marketing with animated explainer videos.

What are the perks of hiring an animated explainer videos company

Humans are visual creatures who need images and videos to capture the essence of the world around them. The brain can process images much faster than it takes to process words, so using visual imagery content can help the brand communicate easily. In addition to this, around 60% of humans are visual learners, so if you want to explain your brand’s products and services then animated explainer videos are your best bet.

An explainer video maker can create videos for any type of industry. Whether you belong to technology, food, travel, health, medical, science, fashion, lifestyle or any other industry, explainer videos can effectively communicate your vision. Besides being a great resource to explain your products, animated explainer videos can also be beneficial in communicating a social message or providing educational content. So there are really no restrictions on how you can use explainer videos. They are only going to further your brand value.

An animated video production company helps to create a video that conveys your unique vision. With only the right style of animated video can you achieve the desired effect on your audience. So having the expertise in creating different styles is essential for the success of your marketing endeavour. Most companies who provide animated video services cater to all your needs. From using the right visuals to help you grab your viewers’ attention to guiding them through the video with the help of a powerful and inspiring storyline, they have mastered it all.

What makes a good explainer video

A good explainer video should have the following features to create an impression.

Powerful storyline

This is essentially the soul for your video. Without this, the video can seem meaningless. So a good powerful storyline is important to keep your viewers hooked. A story can help the audience conceptualise your idea and leave a lasting impression on them. An animated video company will have scriptwriters designated for this so as a business you don’t need to worry about creating an inspiring storyline. The company will take care of it.

Extraordinary visuals

Visuals are literally the gateway to understanding your business. So good visuals are extremely important as it’s a direct portrayal of your company and its vision. No matter how great the script is, without the right visuals and attractive style, it might not impress your audience as much. An explainer video company India hires talented designers to translate the story into extraordinary visuals.

Amazing transition

Without proper sequencing of the visuals, the video will lose clarity. That’s why storyboarding is crucial for creating a meaningful video. A good animated video company will always have a storyboard artist to help create a sequential visual to better represent the storyline. This is as important a step as any to create an impactful video. The transition will keep the audience engaged with the video.


You might not believe it but a soft background music can make all the difference in a video. Try watching a video on mute and you will realize how boring it can be. Adding music to the video can help activate your sensors and make you feel more captivated by the video. But choosing the right music that enhances your vision is extremely important.

Impactful voice-over or narration

An impactful voice-over can guide the audience through the video and it can also help trigger the right emotions in them. A good voice-over can be really effective in persuading and inspiring your audience. Any explainer video company in the USA provides both American accent narration or English accent narration. Depending on your target audience you can even opt for any regional language voice overs.


With an animated explainer video company, you can create videos with captivating storyline, impressive visuals and transitions, great music and an impactful voiceover that evokes the right emotions to help inspire your audience. Hire an explainer video maker like PitchWorx today to grow your business further with successful marketing.

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