Why Is Repairing A Motorcycle More Expensive Then Repairing A Car?

Did you know that Motorcycle repairs Southend on Sea are actually more expensive than repairing a car? The reason is that motorcycles need frequent servicing, oil changes, and checks. You want your bike to last you a long time and you want to keep it in a good condition so that it is saved to be used on the road. By getting them regularly serviced, you are ensuring that their life is extended.

MOT servicing of the motorcycle:

Have you ever heard about MOT servicing? If you own a bike or a car then most probably you already know what an MOT service is. But if you have recently purchased your own vehicle then you need to learn all about MOT servicing. MOT is a test basically in which your vehicle, be it a car or a motorcycle is completely checked to see if is suitable for being used on the roads. This test is done after every 3 years and if your vehicle does not pass the test then you cannot ride it on the road. For riding it on the road, you need to carry an MOT certificate.

Failing of the MOT test:

The ones who ride their own vehicles on the road on daily basis cannot afford to fail their MOT test. So what people usually do is that they get their vehicles serviced before they have to take it for an MOT. The servicing makes sure that the vehicle is safe to be used on the road and will not contribute to air pollution. When you use this technique, the chances of your vehicle failing the MOT test are considerably reduced.

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What if I don’t get it serviced?

If you neglect your vehicle servicing on purpose or even if you forgot about the servicing then your vehicle will lose its warranty. You won’t be able to claim the insurance in case of repair or an accident. Just consider this for a fact that if you lose your warranty and you get in a severe accident. Your motorcycle is severely injured, the repairing costs are high but you are not able to claim the insurance.

For you what is better, not claiming your insurance or getting your vehicle serviced? If I would have to choose between the two, then I would definitely get my motorcycle insured rather than losing my insurance.

What are the things that are normally included in a bike service?

Normally, when you take your bike to a mechanic to get it serviced, a thorough checkup of your bike is done. The services include checking of the engine, oil and oil filter changing, checking if the brake pads are working all right, the bearings, the headlights, chain function, pistons, bearings, and cables are properly functioning.

Replacing the engine oil and the oil filter makes sure that the engine works fine and lasts a long time. Also, the oil changing gives a better mileage by improving the fuel efficiency. The better the fuel efficiency, the more efficient your fuel buck will work.

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