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Why Should you Opt for SSD Storage in Web Hosting?

The term “SSD storage” would not sound unfamiliar if you have been shopping around for web hosting. Various web hosting companies provide their customers with a hard disk drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD) storage. Knowing which one is best for your website and how much it will charge you is crucial. Both provide viable means of storing your sensitive data and files, but SSD storage has a few points that HDD lacks. It is the reason why you should opt for SSD storage in web hosting. DO you want to know what these reasons are? Keep scrolling to know more!

SSD storage positives:

It is not much for a battle when you dig deeper into SSD storage advantages over HDD storage. Various companies have shifted from HDD to SSD due to the significant advantages the latter provides. The improved reliability and faster disk reading speed are something that attracts more customers. We will uncover a few advantages of SSD in the coming lines. Let us begin!

1. High performance:

The first and foremost important point to consider while purchasing SSD storage in web hosting is performance. SSD storage can ensure a high-end performance when compared against HDD hosting. The reason is that SSD from the storage area directly reads the requested information or data.

The reading and writing speed of an SSD is much higher and efficient than HDD since it contains no magnetic disks and rotation heads. The faster it reads your requested information, the better the performance and speed.

2. Hardware reliability:

It is unwise to push SSD or HDD to their breaking points, but an SSD can be more reliable and durable than HDD. An SSD is a distortion-free device with no moving heads and magnetic coating, hence reducing its breakage chances. When compared against an HDD, it has never a good time for failure, and you may end up losing your crucial data.

SSDs can provide five times more durability than HDDs owing to their reliable infrastructure. There are no moving parts and no magnetic coating or reading/writing head, and these features minimize the breakage chances. Do you want to opt for a reliable hosting plan with SSD storage? Consider buying it from proficient web hosting UAE companies.

3. Faster speed:

SSD utilizes streak memory to store information; subsequently, it performs 300% quicker than an HDD drive. These capacities incorporate read/write time, response time, data transfer, and much more. Besides, the time to boost SSD is also less as it requires hardly 10-13 seconds. Your website will consequently load faster for your visitors if your SSDs are working fine and fast enough.

Since solid-state drives are commonly quicker than hard disk drives, the significant advantage of SSD hosting is quicker site speed. Since your drive can present information quicker, your site will like this load quicker. What you get in the end is a happy group of customers satisfied with your website performance and closing deals with your business.

4. Less power consumption:

Solid-state drives (SSD) normally use around 20% of the power required for turning hard disk drives. It is a significant power save when it is scaled up over various servers. Thus, if you care about the climate and bringing down power utilization, you must pick SSD hosting. SSD hosting allows companies to cut down on power costs by shifting towards SSD hosting from HDD.

HDDs require 15 times more power than SSDs to turn the plate and consume more power when turned on, and the power input required for it exceeds the minimum level. Why not be more eco-friendly by choosing SSD hosting over HDD hosting? Consider buying SSD hosting from reliable web hosting UAE companies!

5. Better data security:

Since HDDs depend on physical turning, they are undeniably more prone to mechanical faults than solid-state drives. A drive failure means losing your sensitive data. Hosting providers attempt to alleviate this blemish with HDDs by utilizing the RAID backup framework (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks).

SSDs are more resistant to physical damages like drops or bumps when compared with HDDs. In addition, the effective backup strategy can give you a double strength, both intrinsic and physical. Moreover, SSDs have a relatively long life space due to their effective and modern-day design technology.

By now, you have all the good reasons to prefer SSD hosting over HDD hosting. The points mentioned above are enough to help you make a wise decision and secure your data with a reliable hosting plan.

Switch to SSD Hosting today!

If you are using HDD hosting, you are prone to various risks. Moreover, you are also deprived of the advantages that come with SSD hosting. Contact reliable hosting providers and switch to SSD hosting today for a better experience!

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