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Why Stadia is a Flop

Google has always been one step of the game when it comes to exploring new territories. Being a pioneer that has introduced some ingenious developments, we often wonder how Google does it. From Chromebooks to Net Hubs, the associated fascination is just endless. But it doesn’t mean that everything Google has come up with has been an absolute hit. If there are pros, there are certain cons attached to it as well, if you pay attention closely. Although Google has been in the gaming scene since its Google Doodle games, however, it seems like they’d like to solidify their presence for some friendly competition likely.

PC games have become a thing of the past. If you were comfortable with streaming movies and dramas all the time, then streaming games will be next on your list, and we ain’t talking about some wanna-be player streaming the game for you to gawk at while he plays, but rather cloud-based gaming. Gotten your attention, have we? So, let’s see what issues are pointed out by most essay writers while studying Stadia closely.

Latency Issues

After using YouTube for watching random videos purely to get rid of your boredom by now, you must’ve understood the difference between 720p and 1080p High Quality viewing. But with Stadia, you can play games on 4K, which trumps both 720p and 1080p by a huge mile. However, the issue arises when you have a broadband connection of less than 10MBPS then perhaps, Stadia is not a platform for you. Because you see, in order to play games seamlessly, there’s a minimum requirement of 10MBPS internet connection. If you’re a European gamer, it might not be much of a big deal for you. However, North American players that nearly make up the entire home market of Google will not be happy about it. As most of them lack fiber connection or make do with weak internet.

Although Google has reassured that it’ll be looking into this latency issue and come up with a solution, however, the scenes are not so promising.

It is Not the Netflix of Gaming

Netflix has become a brand name for household entertainment. It gave birth to streaming TV-series and movies like never before. Hence, you’d be surprised that before the launch of Google Stadia, it was being called by critics as the “Netflix of gaming”. Such was the hype and expectations from Stadia. But sadly, Stadia doesn’t live up to the title it was given. You can get a subscription to Netflix and watch every single thing that’s available on the platform. With Stadia, you can only browse through each game, and in order to play a game you’re interested in, you have to purchase it first.

There go your hopes of getting an entire library of free games upon purchasing the subscription to Stadia. Although, there are a number of free games that you can play on Stadia on a monthly basis. So, it might not be so suckish.

Limited Access to Free Games After Unsubscribing

Platforms like Netflix and Stadia thrive on employing business strategies so that they can keep their customers on a hook to keep wanting more. Hence, it comes as no surprise when a streaming service like Stadia basks in the glory of its premium and standard subscriptions. Once you switch back from premium to standard version, you’ll lose access to the free games that were housed in your library. Unless or until you resubscribe to the premium version, those free games will not appear in your library, thus spoiling any attempts of buying your premium subscription only once and then living off on the standard ones. So much for being over smart.

Basically, you will be lacking game ownership. If you’re a gamer, you’d be more familiar with the phrase. Look at it this way, it’s precisely like renting a movie to watch. You will not be able to play the games offline nor download them. In fact, you cannot even share it with a friend, which is a major pity.

Lack of Online Community

Gaming communities are quite a thing for gamers. People have various channels on Discord where they share streams and even play with one another. Despite the huge hype created before the launch of Stadia, its online community of players is quite small. As for a gamer who enjoys a healthy competition, Stadia might not be the place for them as they’ll not find other players easily. At least for now, they have to quash their hopes of getting to know more players.

Thanks to PUBG and many other interactive multiplayer games, the gaming experience has been amplified by quite a bit. So, when a gamer is forced to play by themselves or play with bots, the experience seems a bit numb in comparison. Furthermore, Stadia doesn’t allow cross-platform playing either.

Comparatively Fewer Games

Sadly, another factor that’s a downfall for Stadia happens to be the number of games available on the platform. For an avid gamer, the collection wouldn’t even scratch the surface of the number of games they already own. Despite Stadia allowing players to access free games every month, they just might not be enough. At the moment, there are only 100 games that are available to be purchased, which ain’t much of a high number given a gamer might get done with them within 3 weeks. Perhaps if Stadia were to broaden its libraries, there’s hope for it yet. But until then, gamers might stick to their PS5 and Xbox for the full gaming experience.


Overall, there’s no denying that Stadia is an impressive feat by Google. But so far, they seem to be selling themselves short. Perhaps, if they were to cater to the opinions of gamers, they might be able to amp up its features for Stadia to become more common in the gaming community.

Lastly, in case you can’t whip up an essay on Google Stadia, why don’t you hire an essay writing service?

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