Will smartwatches replace smartphones?

Nowadays, it is getting more and more difficult to surprise users with the coming new model of smartphones or laptops. Such gadgets are getting so popular and it is so hard to impress with some new functions and capabilities. And not to mention that in principle these new things have familiar purposes.

However, the developers do not stop in their search and have reached such a mass market as watches. which almost every person probably has. True, with the advent of mobile phones, some owners stopped using wristwatches. It is because at any time of the day it can be viewed on the phone screen.

The advent of solid-sized smartphones made the time-checking operation not very convenient. The developers created smart watches that do not have their own Internet connection,.But have a wireless connection with a smartphone in a pocket or purse. And the moment is not far off when ordinary mechanical, quartz and even electronic watches will become a thing of the past.



Smartwatches VS Smartphones


Smartwatches, despite their small size and simple design, can do a lot. First of all, they show the current time. Which with high accuracy corresponds to the real one. But, except for being a simple watch. They are connected with smartphones. In that case, they can be used as mini smartphones with applications and digital media content.

The existing touch screen allows us to easily use any function you need. On the screen, you can see the ambient temperature, measure the heart rate, display a compass for orientation, perform calculations using a calculator and much more.

SmartMost smart watches implement most of their functions using the capabilities of a smartphone. This includes GPS navigation, displaying weather and news, receiving information about a phone call. And even the ability to initiate a call directly from the watch screen. That’s why many smartphone owners will acquire such a convenient gadget to increase their comfort while using them.

Smartwatches are getting more and more features and functions. That were previously only available in smartphones. As they say, in the future these wrist gadgets will be able to completely replace them.

In addition to the gyroscope or heart rate monitor, smartwatches are increasingly showing artificial intelligence elements, such as, for example, a voice assistant. You can use these smart watches to control the smart home system or order something from the online store or restaurant as well as write a text message.The next step in the development of smartwatches should be integration with artificial intelligence technologies and voice assistants. The world’s first model with Amazon’s Alexa assistant is already available on the market.

The watch answers questions about the weather, allows you to check the latest sports results, order a taxi, adjust the temperature of the radiators in your home or make a shopping list.

So smart phones are no longer the number one gadget. The world is starting to go crazy for smart phone watches and this is normal.It because smart watches are starting to have almost the same functions as smartphones, but they are smaller. And some developers take advantage of this.

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