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Winter Break Ahead: 7 Things to Consider When Finding The Right Hotel During Winter

Winter is usually considered the “sleepiest” season. The days are shorter, the nights are longer. The trees are bare and the roads are covered in blankets of snow. It’s dark, cold, and dull outside, and the best thing to do is to stay at home, covered in thick duvets while drinking hot chocolate. Sounds comfy, right? Well not, if your wanderlust is so strong that the cold doesn’t bother you.

If your ideal getaway includes ice skating, playing with the snow, skiing, and exploring Christmas destinations, then get up from your bed and start packing! Winter getaways, when done right, can give you the most incredible vacation ever. Aside from listing down the best winter activities, you can make the most out of winter by picking the right hotel accommodation. 

In this article, we’ll list down 7 things to consider when finding the right hotel for your dream getaway. 

1. Visit destinations that don’t sleep during the winter

ireland dublin winter

You can find a plethora of hotels with comfortable rooms and amenities, but what makes one stand out from the rest is the location. Ideally, you want to stay in a destination that remains alive during the sleepy months. 

One amazing destination for autumn and winter is Ireland. Aside from the breathtaking landscapes, Irish cities have a wide range of activities, attractions, and events in store for the colder months. We’ve got cities teeming with pubs, bars, and music venues, festivals, live performances, markets with festive treats, and major attractions that turn into a winter wonderland. This hotel in Kilkenny Ireland, for instance, gives you access to Yuletide Kilkenny, a curated and inclusive Christmas festival that invites visitors and locals to enjoy a list of free and affordable seasonal attractions. 

Take your pick: a hotel in a secluded area, where you’ll do nothing but stay inside your room OR a hotel in a destination filled with a wide array of interesting places to see nearby. Of course, let’s go for the latter. 

2. Go for hotels located in a picturesque destination 

winter family

Are you looking for a laidback winter getaway? Make sure your hotel is situated in a picturesque location. Think about waking up to views of snowy mountains, glistening lakes, and rivers, dreamy woodlands, or charming city buildings illuminated by warm interior lighting and street lamps. You can still stick to your routine but the scenic background that’s different from your usual view from home can make your winter break a little more special.

Before booking a hotel, find out the sceneries you can see from your room and by going out. 

3. Book a hotel that’s complete with things to keep you warm 

hot chocolate

When looking for hotels, ask about the things they do to keep their guests warm and cosy. These include rooms equipped with heating systems, fireplaces, hot showers, and extra thick blankets. Some hotels even offer complimentary hot drinks, like coffee, tea, and chocolate, to sweeten the deal. 

4. See the attractions the hotel is close to


Even if your hotel room is as comfortable as it can be, you didn’t book a winter getaway to stay indoors 24/7 — your vacation will never be complete without feeling the snow, kissing your skin. With this, it’s a must to research your hotel location well and make sure it’s close to the action. 

We’re talking about destinations with winter-inspired theme parks, museums and galleries, holiday events, Christmas markets, farms and animal sanctuaries, ice skating rinks, and ski resorts. Think about convenient dining options too and check out the restaurants, pubs, cafes, and bars that are under the radar. Your best bet is a hotel that won’t let you drive miles in the middle of a snowstorm just to have fun. 

5. See if their activities for the winter match your travel plans

winter family

Are you travelling with your little ones? Or is it going to be a romantic couples getaway? Maybe it’s a group trip with your close friends? Whatever your travel plans are, make sure your hotel can cater to your needs. 

For example, if you’re travelling with little ones who’d love to go on an adventure, they may not prefer hotels tailored to couples. They usually come with saunas, spas, and packages with laidback trips, intended for a relaxing getaway. You want a hotel that has additional entertainment, activities, and access to snow play areas, skiing, skating, day trips, snowmobile rides, and holiday attractions. 

6. Check out their packages for the winter and holidays

Does the hotel have winter packages? How about Christmas packages? Check out their special offers for winter. 

Packages may include restaurant vouchers or in-house food services (like breakfast and 4-course dinner), complimentary cocktails, tickets to area attractions, exclusive access to their house party, and spa services. They may also have package categories for couples, families, travellers who love outdoor adventures, guests who love spas and relaxing breaks, and more. Hotels bundling services into a single rate can help you save time, money, and effort. 

7. Patronise hotels that don’t break the bank 

winter holiday

Summer is a peak travel season, which means more tourists are travelling and the rates are high. While winter is usually considered an off-peak season, the prices begin to rise again as the holidays approach. If you’re travelling during the holidays, choose a hotel that’ll give the best value for your buck. 

Ask for discount offers or additional discounts. For example, hotels may share the same rate but you can find those that offer free breakfasts, discounts for kids and the elderly, and other attractive deals that come with the lodging. You can compare rates with third-party booking sites but book directly with the hotel too so you can secure the best room in the house. 

Author Bio:  Carmina Natividad is a travel-savvy blogger, foodie, and musician. When she’s not cooking or playing the piano, you can find her writing articles about travel and lifestyle. She is also a passionate writer for Pembroke Hotel Kilkenny, a four-star boutique hotel in Kilkenny, Ireland.

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