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Winter Kuari Pass Trek: Amazing Experience

Because it is always better to plan anything before, I booked the trek of “Trek the Himalayas” 3 months in advance for the winter Kuari Pass trek. With too much emotion, I kept this hike in my dream, ending 2016 with a very peaceful and many adventures. The entire duration of 3 months is just to get all the important information about the hike. Well, I found some hiking videos and blogs on how to prepare for the first hike. The hike I took at the end of 2016 was the best way for me to end the year because I experienced many opportunities that I had never had in my life.

 An exciting day.

 This is amazing. One new thing I’m doing is like carrying a 40-liter backpack with all the gear I need for hiking in kuari pass trek, and then taking the night train from Delhi to Hari on Watts Missouri Express. I arrived at Haridwar train station at 6:30 in the morning and saw hundreds of hikers alighting from the same train that I arrived on. you can see many hikers with trekking bags and trekking poles searching for coordinators around the station, guiding them to their vehicles and taking them to the base camp.

 This day is a 13-hour taxi ride from Haridwar to Joshimath.

I found the TTH vehicle by the Shiva statue outside the train station, then I packed up my trekking trip and sat there waiting for other hikers to join. We started our journey from Haridwar at 7:00 in the morning and we picked two more people on the way to Rishikesh and introduced ourselves on the way. Seeing people like you waiting for an adventure in life and bravely using all the obstacles they face in life to achieve it feels so exciting and incredible. Our next stop is somewhere near Shivpuri for breakfast. After breakfast, we arrive at one of the most religious places in India, El Devaprayag (The Devaprayag), where Bhajrati and Arakananda converge to form the Ganges.

The landscape on the main road is impressive and vibrant. In kuari pass taking some photos at this point, we went further afield, accompanied by our songs in the taxi. Our next photo stop was at a place where we could see sand dunes, and there were mighty rivers alongside them. This place is also very charming, we went further afield and had lunch somewhere near Srinagar. After lunch several of us fell asleep, thanks to our train journey the night before, we entered the Chamoli area of ​​Garhwal and saw the snowy peaks of the area for the first time. It’s too late, our taxi is our last taxi to reach Joshimath. At 9:00 that night we had a brief discussion about what to do the next day, and soon I fell asleep, waiting for the next 4 days of adventure I should take.

A new adventure day in my life.

 So this day began one of the best adventures of my life. Síssss, I was in the Himalayas and started a long journey, which is what I dream of. Once we got into Dhak Village, I started walking the muddy trails and was as happy as a child buying chocolate for the first time in my life. I just didn’t chat with any hikers but rather chatted with the mountains in front of me in my own world. An hour later, we stopped to rest near a shelter.

 12 kilometers to Dhak town and 6 kilometers to Chitrakhana camp.

Then we walk along the cliffs and corners, we enter the village of Tugasi, where there are old country houses and children playing carefree on the walk, but they don’t mind posing for a photo or two at the same time. We saw a stone mill with the help of a stream of water to grind grains and produce atta. At 1:30 pm we were all in Chitrakhana, a camp that night. After enjoying a delicious lunch at the camp, we chose the tent that night and had some discussions inside ourselves to check whether everything is normal. That night, we took a short hike in the mountains behind the camp, so that we could get a few meters above sea level to help adapt to the environment.

After 90 minutes of practice, they served us dinner at 8:00 in the evening. The weather outside the restaurant tent also gradually dropped to freezing point. Then after a quick check of our oxygen level, we crawled into our sleeping bags overnight, and I fell asleep immediately. After half an hour I started to be suffocated by oxygen, probably because the temperature dropped and I also started to have a fever. My shop assistant suggested that I take Combiflam, and then I fell asleep that night.

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