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Wix vs. WordPress: The Prospective Winner In The Year 2022

WordPress and Wix are two of the most common website-building platforms on the internet today. Many people use them interchangeably because they are similar in structure, features, and appearance.

But who do you think will be the better choice in 2022- Wix vs. WordPress?

The following infographic breaks down the worldwide users of both platforms.

wordpress vs wix

However, when compared side-by-side, it’s easy to see how each platform has its own set of strengths (pros) and weaknesses (cons)  that make it better suited for certain types of websites.

This article compares WordPress vs. Wix by highlighting ten essential differences between the two platforms. So, it is easy to choose the best option for your business or organization’s needs.

WordPress vs. Wix: Things You Need to Know

wordpress or wix

#1. Wix vs. WordPress – Ease-of-Use (User-Friendly for Novice Users)

The primary benefit of using Wix is that it’s designed for complete novices and does everything automatically for you. This means you can focus on what matters—putting your content out there. And stop worrying about design, coding, etc.

Wix should be your first choice if ease-of-use is important to you because there are no drawbacks to its design and templates/skins when getting started in minutes.

website development cms

In addition, their free business tools will save you money on things like domain names and email addresses, which allows you to start making money quickly, so there’s less need for frugality.

Whereas WordPress comes with a steep learning curve and requires you to know the basics of web development and design. Plus, you’ll need to know how to use FTP and HTML editors and manage your site files for custom updates.

You can hire WordPress developers in India or even use WordPress outsourcing companies to get things done in such a situation.

hire wordpress developer Winner: Wix

#2. Wix vs. WordPress – Design and Customization Options (Adding Your Touch to the Look)

Both Wix and WordPress offer several ready-made website templates for users who want to jump right in and start creating a website without getting bogged down in design details.

The big difference (WordPress or Wix) is that most Wix sites are visually homogenous because they’re designed by staff. At the same time, there’s more variety with WP themes, thanks to an active community of independent designers.

Over 8100 themes are available on WordPress.

wordpress development company

Winner: WordPress

#3. WordPress vs. Wix – Apps and Plugins (Add-Ons to Your Website)

Wix and WordPress are both useful for building a website, but only one of them offers an open-source code base and is infinitely customizable. Wix offers a few plugins, but their functionality is limited.

WordPress is infinitely extendable through its robust API. Besides, it enables you to extend your WordPress experience with over 59,800 free plugins.

wordpress cms development

If you want to add something that isn’t built into your web platform, you can either take advantage of a third-party app or build it yourself from scratch—both are far more challenging with Wix.

As for things like search engine optimization and mobile-friendliness, WordPress is way ahead on those fronts as well. WordPress will always be better for those who want a quality website with complete control over its looks and functions.

It is used by 40.6 percent of all websites on the internet (and growing).’s annual revenue is also predicted to be $132 million.

wordpress cms

Winner: WordPress

#4. WordPress vs. Wix – Blogging Capabilities (Posting and Commenting)

If you’re just starting as a blogger, one of your biggest concerns is likely to be finding a website that is free and user-friendly for your readers. Many blogging platforms offer free hosting, easy templates, built-in analytics, and more for those getting started with their first few posts.

WordPress is a trendy choice to consider, while Wix is a user-friendly option. 

wix or wordpress

If you go with WordPress, you might find using the built-in blog capabilities more accessible.  Furthermore, data from real-time WordPress activity reveal that over 409 million users have viewed over 20 billion WordPress pages every month. The data also shows 77 million new comments and 70 million new posts.

But if you choose Wix, you’ll find there are hundreds of free blog-style themes to choose from. And they can be used for any type of website, not just blogging.

Winner: Tie

#5. Wix vs. WordPress – Ecommerce Features (Sell Your Stuff on the Site)

WordPress is primarily a blogging platform; it does not include a built-in eCommerce platform like Wix. But there is no doubt, it is anyway less capable, though, because it comes with WooCommerce, a robust eCommerce plugin.

woocommerce cms

Since both Wix and WordPress come with eCommerce options, they’re a no-brainer for building an online store if that’s your business model. With WP, you can utilize WooCommerce (the most popular choice), while Wix comes bundled with an in-house eCommerce feature called Wix eStore.

Winner: Tie

#6. Migration (Transferring Old Content to a New Website)

This is a top consideration when moving from one website builder platform to another. Besides, there are several essential factors that you should consider before making your final decision:

  • Which tool will better serve your needs and requirements?
  • How easy is it to move data from one platform to another?
  • What kind of support exists if you run into issues while doing so?

Wix has several limitations when migrating content from one platform to another as a proprietary platform. A Wix site only allows you to import blogs, and those only in XML format. Other media will have to be manually downloaded.

In contrast, WordPress is an open-source platform that is easy to export. Simply select the exporter option to download all your content in easy-to-port XML format.

wordpress or wix

Winner: WordPress

#7. Customer Support  (Getting Answers to Your Questions)

In our opinion, WordPress is much better for customer support. WordPress has a vast community with many experts and enthusiasts who are always happy to help other WordPress users.

They have 1,200 official employees and approx 50k WordPress Contributors. Not only that, there are roughly 8,300 WordPress developers for hire.

On top of that, you have tons of free resources at your disposal and some excellent guides (if you’re just starting).

With Wix, you don’t have that same level of choice or opportunities for help. Plus, there aren’t many experts who can explain how Wix works.

Winner: WordPress

#8. SEO Features (Helping You Improve Search Engine Rankings)

WordPress is better than Wix in many ways, but most notably, it has a much stronger SEO platform.

Article keywords, meta descriptions, post headlines, URLs that are simple affect SEO. WordPress offers you a better ranking by optimizing all of this for both on-page content and the code itself.

WordPress gives you complete control over the code, making it excellent for technical SEO. While WordPress lacks built-in on-page SEO capabilities, you can use the RankMath, Yoast SEO plugin, and other third-party tools to improve your site’s SEO.

On the other hand, Wix uses the Wix SEO Wiz tool to make on-page SEO straightforward. Furthermore, additional functionality such as 301 redirects, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics connection are available.

Winner: WordPress

#9. Ongoing Maintenance (Keeping Your Site Fresh and Improved)

Keeping a site up and running takes maintenance, whether an e-commerce store or a simple personal page. If you keep using your Wix site, you can rest easy knowing that it will take care of your site’s updates, changes, and modifications without needing you to do anything.

The development team behind the software is constantly working to improve it, so every update reaps benefits for you automatically.

Also, there are regular WordPress updates. You will get the notification, which needs to be downloaded and installed. Furthermore, any themes or plugins you use may need to be updated to ensure that they will not conflict with the platform updates.

Many hosting providers, including Bluehost, will update WordPress sites regularly and automatically for their users.

Winner: Tie

#10. Pricing (Cost of Ownership)

The price of the services is another aspect to consider when choosing between Wix vs. WordPress. And, if you are doing your research on these two platforms, you may have already come across this listicle that lists the top 4 services by Wix.

cms development company

However, WordPress is much more affordable. Whether you’re a business, a retailer, or an individual, is the place for you.

Winner: WordPress

WordPress vs. Wix: Who is the Winner?

Parameters Wix WordPress
Ease-of-Use Winner Loser
Design And Customization Options Loser Winner
Apps and Plugins Loser Winner
Blogging Capabilities Tie Tie
Ecommerce Features Tie Tie
Data Migration Loser Winner
Customer Support Loser Winner
SEO Features Loser Winner
Ongoing Maintenance Tie Tie
Pricing Loser Winner

Overall Winner: WordPress


Using Wix or WordPress depends on your individual project needs and budget. But when you want to use a truly free & professional website platform, WordPress is the way to go.

You can hire a WordPress development company in India or abroad to meet your requirements. As per our experience with these CMS, you can also use the WordPress plugin for your mobile app development requirements. Hire a WordPress developer to build an app like a travel portal or any other platform.

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