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Because we will keep it with us all winter, a coat should flatter our figure as well as possible. How to choose a model perfectly adapted to our morphology? A few tips to consider before setting out on your search for the perfect Women’s Blazers 2022The coat is available in all materials, shapes and colors, so it becomes an obstacle course to find THE coat that will accompany us during the fall-winter.

Choosing your coat when you have a V-shaped silhouette

You have a V-shape, so your shoulders are wider than your hips. You will then have to optimize your lower body and for that, we recommend a straight coat, a trapeze or ball coat, which will flatter your figure. If you can do without the shoulder pads, do so, otherwise they will accentuate your shoulders even more.

Moreover, regardless of your body type, try to remember this last tip and apply it according to the shape of your figure.

Choosing your coat when you have an A-shaped silhouette

Unlike the V-shape, if you have an A-shape, your hips are wider than your shoulders. At this point, you have to do the opposite of the V-shaped morphology, do not hesitate to wear a straight coat with shoulder pads that will balance your beautiful silhouette.

As for the volume, the balloon sleeves will suit you perfectly, but the ball coat, it is to be avoided so as not to inflate your hips.

Choose your coat when you have an X or 8 silhouette

You have an X-shaped figure, this means that your shoulders and hips are in the same alignment but that your waist is slimmer, to create an hourglass impression. You will therefore have to play with this shape and highlight your size, by wearing a bathrobe coat tight at the waist for example. You can very well wear a structured straight coat if you prefer, to highlight your entire figure.

Choosing your coat when you have an H-shaped silhouette

You have an H or I morphology, which means that it is straight. Your shoulders and hips follow the same alignment, and your waist is not very marked.

You can wear open coats if you are not cautious, slightly oversize, or if you prefer, not very fitted. The goal will be not to wear a belt that will mark your waist unnecessarily. We stay on a straight coat, close to the body.

Choose your coat according to yourself

Far from being injunctions, the preceding advice especially helps you to sort through the long list of coats on sale each winter season. Especially since if we can talk about the body in general, we cannot claim that each one does not have its particularities.

If you are small, know for example that a short coat will have the effect of lengthening your legs. On the contrary, if you are tall, the long coat will be your best ally. If you are thin, you can wear a coat with more volume, and if you are round, opt for a fitted robe-style coat to mark your waist. It’s your turn.

Three ways to wear the Women’s Blazers 2022

While it cultivates a most respectable reputation, the blazer, often likened to a suit, gently goes wild in the company of the basics of the feminine wardrobe. The proof by three.

With an ambiguous style, the blazer lends itself to a double game: on the one hand, it strongly embodies the refinement of an ultra-formal wardrobe, on the other, it banishes any ceremonial aspect by becoming a basic indisputable. Here, three ways to wear it in all circumstances.

Women’s Blazers 2022:The pro version blazer

Invariably understated and naturally chic, the Women’s Blazers 2022 jacket – tuxedo style – stands out from stylistic conventions while retaining a certain formalism: Prince of Wales print pleated trousers and pointy-toed moccasins are spontaneous alongside an airy nightie. and an oversized houndstooth waistcoat. As a final touch: a pair of sunglasses with transparent frames that certify an undoubtedly sharp fashion guarantee.

The rock version blazer

Change of attitude: in a rather reserved mood at the office, the blazer jacket also knows how to uninhibited itself in the evening. To do this, put it on a loose t-shirt, let alone stamped with a rock print, which we twist with a skirt – or shorts – in leather of an impudent length (as far as possible). We polish it up with a pair of heeled ankle boots and we’re all set to face the night.

How to wear the Barbour jacket?

Celebrating its 127th birthday this year, the Barbour jacket has since continued to dress on rainy days crowned heads and it-girls subject to His Majesty. Rockabilly or aristo-chic style, a look back at the different ways to wear it. We are in 1993 and Marc Jacobs presents his spring-summer collection for the ready-to-wear brand Perry Ellis.

The American designer was inspired by grunge and therefore dressed his star models – including Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Carla Bruni, Christy Turlington and Helena Christensen who all wore military rangers on their feet – with looks inspired by clothes found in thrift stores. New Yorkers.

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