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Your Skin Matters

Your Skin Matters – Humans are a sack of bones, organs, and muscles held up in a well-knit package of skin. Without it, you would get waterlogged, diseased, and very cold. It comes in different sizes, and acts differently for every person, but we all have one thing in common- we cannot live without our skin! The amount of disease, pollution, and toxic elements you come into contact with on a daily basis, can you imagine what your skin would look like if you didn’t take care of it? Your skin is unique in that it is the only organ to have two sides, an in- side and an outside. Proper skin care is not just about which night cream to make your wrinkles plump up, it involves addressing both sides of the skin in the way they require and deserve. We treat and cover the outside, but many people forget the importance of the inside.

You Must Eat


To nourish your skin, you must eat on the inside in order for the outside to represent us in a beautiful manner. You can check this food blog and recipes website for healthy eating. Knowing skin type, what it requires, and how to properly care for it on a daily basis makes the difference for healthy, happy skin. Being the largest organ of your body, it is also the most often forgotten, mistreated, or even abused. An adult has, on average, 20 pounds of skin to carry around daily. Those 20 pounds of flesh protects you from the harms of this world on a consistent basis! Acting like a sponge, the skin soaks up chemicals and transports them directly into your bloodstream. Most of the time your body and the antioxidants that you eat on a daily basis wash these toxins out, as well as washing your hands and showering regularly. However, certain chemicals do not wash out—and if you eat a nutrient deficient diet, you are at a higher risk of developing issues from the buildup of daily toxins. Diet and skin care go hand in hand when taking care of yourself. Take care of the inside and the outside so that you can portray the happy, beautiful person you are at heart. Our skin has layers that work together to create a whole. Think of your skin as you would a sandwich. You have the two layers of bread on either side (the Epidermis and the Subcutaneous Tissue) then you have the meat, mayo, and yummy part in the sandwich (the dermis.) All three layers work together in their specific duties to create the skin you know and want to love. Using correct diet and hygiene will help to properly care for all layers, and create a beautiful sandwich that everyone at the lunch table will be jealous of.

Waterproof Barrier


We have a waterproof barrier to our other organs and bones that is our skin. Our outer shell absorbs the daily elements such as air, sunshine, pollution, lotions and perfumes that we try on, and much more. The pores open here and are like little tunnels that allow the elements to reside in until you wash your face, or clean them out through extraction. Pores are the forefront of our battle with acne, blemishes, blackheads, “large pores,” and other issues we see causing us strain on our journey to be beautiful.

Specific Foods


There are specific foods and remedies for specific skin types that will help correct large pores, tight pores, dry skin, itchy and flaky skin, pimples, hyper pigmentation and much more. Your body requires a certain regimen in order to be at its best. Feel free to use these next few chapters on skin types and issues as a reference manual to come back to when you notice a flare up, or if you have specific questions about your skin type.

Toxins: Absorption and Detoxification



Skin absorbs the daily harsh chemicals in the air, the preservatives in your beauty products and the germs you pick up from touching handrails, ATM’s, phones, etc. Those toxins seep into your bloodstream and compound into your organs, muscles, and tissues. They sit there until we find a way to get rid of them. Taking detox Epsom salt baths, mixed with essential oils can help to remove toxins from skin and will keep your body healthier, softer, and appear youthful longer.

Why people live longer? 


This is the reason that people started living longer when they started bathing more than once a year. It was not because they did not smell as bad, there- fore their spouse did not want to kill them in their sleep, it was because the daily germs and toxins that piled up on the skin and sunk into the body were being washed away on a regular basis.

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