5 Tips ‘From Specialist to Expert in your field on Social media


Are you being bought or do you have to peddle to get something sold? Are you already seen as an expert in your field? Expert status is a desire of many specialists. By specialists, I mean lawyers, doctors, consultants or coaches. They all specialize in a specific field and serve a specific target group. How will you make a difference with your competitors? Just Buy cheap Instagram Followers Malaysia and you’ll get all the desire success you deserves.


Tip #1: Have a clear ‘Why’

Why do you do what you do? This is the Law of Attraction. What is your passion? Which thing makes you very happy? What are they allowed to wake you up at night for? Does this match what you do?


Tip #2: Unique Buying Reasons

Many are familiar with the Unique Selling Points. But I like to talk about Unique Buying Reasons because as I said before becoming a Specialist in your field, I’m all about buying reasons. You want to be bought instead of having to sell and…

A customer wants to buy and no one wants to feel that something has been sold to them.

This is a mindset, but very important in the relationship with the customer. When you can solve your customer’s problem, people will actually buy from you. Use your Unique Buying Reasons in your communication and express your specific value frequently. A (potential) customer needs advantages to dare to buy from you compared to your competitors. It is important to know how a customer chooses a partner. Therefore, ask your (potential) customer about his greatest challenge or frustration and what his desire is.


Tip #3: Build a mailing list and become Specialist in your field


A mailing list is very measurable, affordable and very important for maintaining your relationships. It is your tool to have direct contact with your relations. With this option, you come into contact with potential customers and keep in touch with existing or old customers. You have direct and personal contact about valuable information, interesting updates or offers.

Nowadays, the email no longer needs to be nicely formatted. It is precisely the trend not to design the email from top to bottom, but to write a mailing/memo in a very accessible way. With a good email strategy, you can turn the recipients into customers.


Tip #4: Create a free giveaway and become Specialist in your field

How do you fill your mailing list or how do you build a list of potential customers? Answer: free giveaway. A free giveaway is an item in which you prove your added value. Examples are workbooks, step-by-step plans, checklists, videos or e-books. All are provided with valuable information, they make people think or help them with their challenges. So you need to create something that your potential customers are waiting for. What is the biggest challenge in their business? What do they long for? The answer is to become Specialist in your field. See if you can jump into that and make your giveaway around it. Another tool to help you determine your giveaway: answer a question you get very often. This allows people to get to know you and your knowledge and skills. They check, perhaps unconsciously, whether there is a personal click.

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Tip #5: Be personal

You do not work alone. You have to be able to trust each other completely and help each other to the next stage. If you can grow together, you can be each other’s ambassador. So take an interest in your relationship. By asking questions you get to know the other person. Ask about his passions or interests. By knowing someone’s personal facts, you can also have personal conversations. Let your heart speak!”

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