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Can’t Decide The Right Wall For Your New Home? 10 Types To Choose From

The most important part of having walls is that they support the roof and ceiling whether it’s indoor or outdoor. Aside from that, walls give every member of a household some privacy when they’re inside a room.

Furthermore, walls are not just for practical needs only but also for design. For example, an old wall can be replaced with a new one to make the overall design of your home presentable or modern. You can visit display homes to have more idea of the finish.


Still undecided what kind of wall you would like to have on your home? Then you should check these options below!


1. Drywall

Aside from walls, drywall can also be used for arches and ceilings. Drywall is a material made from plaster. It’s easy to install because it’s durable. But even though it has been available in the market for a long time, it has just gained popularity for the past 60 years.

Another good thing about having drywall is that it adds fire resistance so walls can’t be easily damaged during fire emergencies.

Before, builders place layers of plaster on walls until it hardens. However, they realised that the process is time-consuming and also requires skills that’s when they invented drywall.

2. Metal Sheet Wall

Do you want a rustic finish? Then you should try having metal sheets as your wall. It’s a durable and flexible material that will make your walls stronger.

You can bend and fold metal sheets without making them crack. And if you want to know how it looks like a complete wall, they are display homes that feature this kind of material.

Aside from the rustic finish, you can also have an option to make it look modern and fashionable by choosing the right paint colour and finish that suits your overall home design.

3. Brick Wall

Brick walls have been popular worldwide. It’s a great option for homes in tropical countries because it has its cooling effect. Moreover, its finish is beautiful and gives a great aesthetic.

If you want to have an exceptionally strong and traditional home, you should choose bricks as the material for your wall. It just needs some footing or concrete strip, and it will stand there for years.

Nowadays, you can also find other colours of bricks aside from the usual dark reddish-brown.

display homes

4. Wood Wall

Ever heard of hardwood floors? Well, it’s just the same as the materials used on floors. It’s becoming more popular nowadays as a great alternative to the traditional ones. Usually, wood walls are made from strong woods such as mahogany, maple, and oak.

Aside from being popular, wood walls are also durable and can last long. Unfortunately, they are quite expensive. But, if you have a budget for it, then there’s nothing to worry about. You can use power stains as maintenance for the wall.

5. Plastic panel wall

You have a lot of reasons why you should choose to have plastic panel walls such as:

  • Easy to install
  • Requires a little maintenance
  • Can be used as an external wall
  • Durable
  • Easy to find
  • Recyclable
  • Lots of patterns and designs to choose from

Try finding samples of plastic panels in hardware stores or display homes to give you ideas on how it should look.

6. Glass Wall

The glass wall is one of the most popular nowadays. You can see them in buildings, offices, malls, and houses. A panel of glass is supported by metals frames that prevent it from breaking.

If you’re planning to have a modern home, then this is a great choice for you. It makes the space look bigger and wider. Additionally, the natural light can easily enter inside so no need to open the lights during the day.

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7. Cinder Blocks Wall

Cinder blocks wall has been used for a long time. Although it requires thorough planning and effort for installation, it’s durable and will surely last long.

The installation process of cinder blocks is the same bricks. They are stacked together using cement, water, and water mixture. Furthermore, steel bars are used to support the inner part of the blocks because they’re hollow.

8. Stone Wall

As an ancient concept, stone walls became popular even for modern houses. The overall design has been modified, but its function remains the same.

Unfortunately, the disadvantage of having stone walls is that you can’t be sure when it comes to the quality of each stone because they are naturally made.


Have you decided on the material are you going to use for your new house? Don’t forget to do more research and to visit display homes before you choose. Don’t forget to share with us which is your favourite type of wall by leaving a comment below!

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