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 Key skills of the marketer of tomorrow

We could have developed the soft skills that allow you to stand out in the marketing industry. Creativity and imagination as assets, a sense of negotiation and power of persuasion, or even a good sense of organization. You can get in touch with Best Social Media Marketing Agency-articlewine in Washington

Following our discussions with several speakers from the ISG International Business School, we list the essential skills expected of the marketer of tomorrow. A true Swiss army knife, we agree on the fact that it must have increasingly broad know-how to cover the ever more specialized needs of companies-articlewine. You can get in touch with Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Washington

1. Understand and master the new levers

Health restrictions have undoubtedly changed our behavior. They have given rise to new expectations, new fields of expression, connection but also of promotion. A good marketer must know and understand them.

Obviously, we do not expect him to use tools just for the beauty of the gesture: it must have meaning and consistency for the company or the agency. It is therefore necessary to know how to discern the different opportunities-articlewine.


As revealed in  Facebook’s annual report , these offer many marketing opportunities. Their audience continues to grow, as do in-app ads, which are increasingly accepted as part of the gaming experience. There are still plenty of other possibilities to discover!

The lives and more generally the video format

The video format is more  human, spontaneous and authentic . He continues to engage audiences. Videos can be fixed, instant (like on TikTok and Instagram for example) but also live. Live is THE big trend of containment. It allows you to create a link but also waiting and  FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) , or the fear of missing out on something important.

It is also a big bonus to know how to master video editing to create more content.

Social networks-Articlewine

Admittedly, this is not new, but some platforms have come out of the lot recently.

  • Yubo: an alternative to traditional social networks, this platform specializing in live is attracting more and more 15-25-year-olds.
  • TikTok: THE social network for creativity, its full potential is far from being exploited. Moreover, 90% of its users open the application at least once a day.
  • Youtube: the platform is becoming a real search engine. It would therefore be interesting to pay attention to it, invest in it but also to collaborate with YouTubers.

Whether for the latter or the “classics” (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn),  the basics is still to understand them to better exploit them. Each medium has its own personality! In this sense, we are not going to consume them and feed them in the same way. You can get in touch with Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Washington-articlewine.


This audio format also exploded in 2020. There is something for everyone: lifestyle, testimony, reportage, fiction, news, corporate culture… Due to its ease of access and consumption, its rise is not close to stopping.

At JUPDLC, we offer four podcasts (La Revue du Social, Charbon, Insight, or even School Stories), to express our values, talk about current events, highlight projects, and above all create this effect of proximity with listeners.

The masterclasses

Because there is this general desire to transmit, train and mobilize, this tool seems to be a good asset. There is even talk of an “educational wave” and it should be noted that tutorials are more than ever on the rise.

2. Knowing how to manage and analyze data: an essential asset

Data is a major issue and is at the heart of many discussions. Their collection, their ownership, their quality, their processing, their exploitation… It is well known that data is the “new black gold”.

And yes: you are expected to know how to juggle these! Or rather to know how to read, analyze and interpret them. Thus, you will be able to exploit them efficiently and implement relevant strategies. For example, you have to know how to take advantage of the encrypted information of your website-articlewine and your social networks: number of visits, number of clicks, number of followers… You will also have to be able to listen to conversations and observe the behavior of Web users. Allowing you to better understand their expectations and meet them. You can get in touch with Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Washington

3. Create a cohesive and creative content strategy

An effective content strategy (also called content marketing strategy by the most bilingual among us) is our best ally. You are expected to know how to set up an editorial schedule, promote original content, focus on quality rather than quantity, master SEO techniques, etc. And all this while keeping a creative spirit! The brand image feels must be unique and reassuring. Consumers expect authenticity, sincerity, and truth…

To do this, you need to know:

  • Determine your objectives (eg: develop your notoriety, prospect, build loyalty, federate, legitimize your positioning, etc.) and prioritize them
  • Getting to know each other: we all have something to tell, you just have to find the art and the way to do it. To talk about yourself, you must therefore know yourself (values, missions, strengths, positioning, competitors, etc.)
  • Defining your targets: who are you talking to? What are their needs?
  • Create a precise editorial line, THE common thread
  • Vary the types of content (videos, photos, testimonials, interviews, articles, white paper, masterclass, etc.) and make sure to always optimize them.
  • Choose the appropriate distribution platforms
  • Measure actions, and analyze them (performance indicators)

4. Writing

A good marketer, without being a writer far from it, knows how to differentiate an effective text from one that will flop. And this at different levels: from the words used in a presentation, during an agency brief, through the commercial wording of an email, to the tweet. Copywriting is an integral part of marketing and therefore of its daily life.

Because we all have projects to carry out, of different nature and scales of course, their success will depend on how we organize ourselves. This is also valid for a marketer.

We, therefore, expect him to be able to:

  • Plan a project over time
  • Calculate, then define and follow a budget
  • Control and manage risks and contingencies, while demonstrating agility
  • Set goals and achieve the desired level of quality
  • Mobilize different actors and manage their interventions
  • Set up a steering committee
  • Create reference documents at each key stage: brief, specifications, production file, recipe sheets, follow-up reports, feedback, etc.

5. Understand the e-commerce

The marketer of tomorrow must have commercial flair and understand online purchasing behavior. This can go through an online survey (hot or cold), surveys, email campaigns, monitoring…

Indeed, the French are making more and more purchases online. A brand must then make sure to have a catalog on the internet. It’s essential. As an example, we can mention the case of Snapchat, which uses its Bitmojis as virtual advertising spaces for fashion brands. Or the case of Instagram which reinforces its shopping functionalities in the same way as Pinterest, or Pokemon Go which launched a collaboration with The North Face Gucci. The field of possibilities is still vast: it is, therefore, necessary to constantly discover new practices and identify promising channels.

The mastery of advertising and sales on social networks is also valued.

6. Understand the mechanics of influencer marketing

Although as old as the world, the influence continues to evolve and today brings in billions. So much so that more and more brands, seduced by this concept, are creating impactful and original operations. Initially oriented towards well-known personalities, this promotion strategy now focuses on the notoriety of social network users. Instagrammers, TikTokeurs.uses and Youtubeurs.uses it, everyone goes there.

Of course, there are different types of influencers, depending on the size of the community: mega-influencers, macro-influencers, micro-influencers, and nano-influencers. The advantage of the “smaller” ones is that the engagement rate is high. Relying on influencers makes it possible to personalize and personify campaigns. Thus, customers and prospects will find it easier to project themselves because they will identify with these people “close” to them.

The levers of influence in marketing are as follows:

  • The buzz kit: we promote the launch of a product through an influencer. We talk about “unboxing” when people film themselves directly unpacking the product.
  • Events: the is invited to participate and speak during the promotional tour, at meet-ups, etc.
  • Product placement: we place the product, in a more or less obvious way, in the video of our personality in the seed.
  • The takeover: we give control of our online accounts to bloggers for a limited time
  • Sponsored content: we will sponsor content, and pay a person to adopt the tone of our brand for the duration of a strong message.
  • Write For Us Sponsored Post-Articlewine

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