Rakhi with Plants: Gift Your Brother a Stress-Free Raksha Bandhan with Green Plants!!

Rakhi with Plants: Gift Your Brother a Stress-Free Raksha Bandhan with Green Plants!!

Let’s just get a hold of ourselves and take a break from this everyday life, with coffee in one hand and a novel in the other while sitting on a swing on your balcony surrounded by wonderful plants and weather being all cozy. Lifting your mood as you take a sip from your handmade coffee and your mood brightens with all the plants you are surrounded with.

Now imagine this dream morning you had for your brother. He can live your dream morning, which will not only brighten his mood but will also assure him that you care for him. Now how can this dream come true? Well, the answer is simple, this Raksha Bandhan instead of getting him a watch or any other old-school gift. Get him a plant. Plants will not only enhance his balcony view but are also good for his health.

Raksha Bandhan is a time to celebrate brotherhood, but it doesn’t need to be stressful! 

This Raksha Bandhan, surprise your brother with a more meaningful gift and take care of his health by giving him a plant. You can purchase plants and rakhi easily from any online portal. If this Rakhi your brother fails to visit you, just send him his rakhi and gift and make his day memorable. It’s okay if your brother lives in the USA, UAE, or in any other part of the country, you can easily send his rakhi and gifts with online portals. If your brother lives in the USA and this Raksha Bandhan he fails to visit you, then don’t be sad and try to understand him and send his rakhi to the USA for him and make his day more beautiful.

Now, when you have finally decided to give a plant as a gift to your brother. Then the question arises, which plant would you like to pair with his rakhi? Don’t worry, we got your back. Here you will be easily able to find plants that will look good on your brother’s balcony, as your Rakhi will look good on his wrist. 

Take a look at these and then select your brother’s favourite:

  • Snake Plant

Okay, so if you are looking for a room plant, then snake plants are best for it. They not only filter air during the day but also provides oxygen at night.  So they kind of make a great room plant as they will not only decorate your brother’s room but will also keep his health in check as during their life they tend to consume airborne diseases and pollutants.

  • Peace Lily Plant

If you are looking for something which doesn’t require much maintenance and a little care, This is because then you can select Peach Lily Plant. This plant is an evergreen plant that will keep the air clean in your brother’s apartment as it tends to remove organic particles from the air in a very short span. 

  • Spider Plant

Now, if you want the best air-purifying plant for your brother, then Spider Plant is your choice. This plant is not only in NASA’s top suggestion but is also very reliable at purifying the air while removing air pollutants from it.

  • Aloe Vera Plant

If you are afraid that your brother might not like the plant of your choice, then gift him Aloe Vera Plant. Who doesn’t like Aloe Vera? Right. This will make a perfect gift for him as it will purify the air and will also release oxygen at bedtime. And moreover, it will help to reduce the toxic chemicals present in the air and will also encourage a night of peaceful sleep.

  • Chamomile Plant

Now, if your brother is a chai lover, then what’s a better plant hen Chamomile. Chamomile Plants are a wonderful therapeutic herb that helps a sound sleep. It can be used as a tea or a salve. So, this Raksha Bandhan, let’s help your brother in calming his nerves and reduces his tension so they can feel relaxed.

  • Golden Pothos Plant

If your brother loves to decorate his house, then you can give him a Golden Pothos Plant. In addition, to make his house look attractive, this plant will not only help in killing poisonous vapours from the air but will also clean it.

  • Areca Palm Plant

Suppose your sibling is suffering from a sinus problem. In that case, Areca Palm Plant is best for them as it will ease them in their sinus ill not only provide some ease to their sinus but will also act as a natural humidifier and will sanitize the air for them.

  • Jasmine Plant

For sound sleep, you can gift your brother a Jasmine Plant as it is believed that the scent of this plant promotes sound sleep, and it is also a natural antidepressant and also reduces stress. 

  • Begonia Plant

Now, if you are looking for another plant for decorating your brother’s home, then what’s better than Begonia Plant. This plant produces beautiful flowers, which make them an attractive piece for decor. 


Now from the above suggestions, you can surely select a wonderful plant for your brother, and by helping him in decorating his house, you will also provide him with a better environment to live with these plants.  Living in a clean and healthy environment is not impossible. It can easily be achieved by just planting some weeds. These plants not only decrease the pollution level but will also release his stress. So, this Raksha Bandhan provides your brother with a stress-free rakhi by gifting him these plants.


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