Unique Tips and Tricks For Rockspace Wireless Extender Configuration

The Rockspace Wireless Extender works as a dual-band repeater to enhance the signal strength and to expand the network over a large area by eliminating the dead zones. It comes with a best-designed display and can easily connect to the current network. It gives almost 280mbps transfer speed which gives lag-free and uninterrupted gaming and video streaming experience and provides 360-degree full coverage to extend network connection. The big advantage of this router is that it works very well with every type of router. With the help of smart indicators, users can locate a defined spot. It can expand the wireless coverage range just by pressing the WPS button for 9 to 10 seconds. Through WPS and graphic user interface, users can connect the router to the extender. 

The setup and installation process of Rockspace wifi extender setup is very easy and takes very little time. Now we are going to explain how to do Rockspace ac750 wifi extender Setup.

Rockspace ac750 Wireless Extender Setup

The Rockspace ac750 wifi extender setup can complete using the web user interface and WPS. 

Setup using Web Ui

Using an electrical AC outlet, plug the Rockspace Wireless Extender into the power outlet and make sure that the extender is close to the router, and wait until the blue LED light blinks. Open the wifi settings on the mobile device and make sure the mobile data is turned on. Launch any browser on the device and type re.rockspace.local or in the address bar. The next step also to create a new login username and password and choose a network that you want to extend. Fill in the wifi password and then click on the extend button. A new interface with a setup is successful. will appear.

Problems in login with Web UI?

Connect the wifi device with the extender wifi network rockspace_EXT and also make sure that the mobile data will turn off. Connect the system to the Rockspace Wireless Extender network rockspace_EXT if the system is used. DNS server address and IP address are obtained automatically. Now unplug the ethernet cable and also reset the extender and try again.

Rockspace Wireless Extender Setup using WPS

If the setup using the Web interface doesn’t work, then try using the setup with WPS, Follow the instructions to do the setup. Firstly, plug the extender into AC power and make sure that the extender is close to the router. An LED light starts blinking and presses the WPS button of the router for a few seconds.  Within a minute press the WPS button of the extender as well. Wait some time until an LED light turns solid blue. If it turns blue, it means the router successfully connects to the extender. After 40 seconds, an LED light starts on the extender.

What to do if Rockspace ac750 wifi extender cannot find a WiFi network?

Follow the simple steps if Rockspace ac750 wifi extender cannot find the wifi network. Turn on the wifi network of the router and also make sure that the wifi device can detect the available network. Now change the channel of the router and try again. In the next step, just change the encryption type to WPA-PSK or WPA-PSK and also try it again.

Features of Rockspace Wireless Extender


With dual-band technology, it also gives stable and boosting network connections. Dual antenna technology helps to give a wide range of network coverage up to 1200 square feet. The in-built smart indicator feature helps to find the perfect spot.

Easy Setup

The Rockspace ac750 wifi extender setup is very easy and can be done by pressing the WPS button of the router and the extender or just by logging into the web browser.


It can be easily connected to any type of router because of its dual-band technology and works very well with routers and gateways.

Smooth Experience

Rockspace ac750 provides a very smooth and lag-free experience for the gamers by reducing the pings.


It gives privacy protection because of WEP/WPA/WPA2 security protocols.


Because of its small size and compatible design, it can also brought from one place to another very easily and fits anywhere even in a small space.

Final Words

Great product in this price range. Features like dual-antenna technology, smart indicator, lag-free experience, affordable price, WPA security will also definitely attract buyers. Rockspace Wireless Extender really enhances the wifi signal and provides a much faster speed than I thought. Overall, it is a great product.

What happens to update the WiFi networking router system?

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