Tie Dye Clothing Style: The History and How to Style It All Year Round

Most of us know how tie-dye clothing UK became popular during the 1960s and was worn mostly by the hippies. It was the alternate clothing that created a storm. But if you think that was the time when it originated too, then that is a wrong guess. While it’s true that it grew popular in 1960s, its origin goes even four decades back. Reports of its presence have been found in the 1920s American culture.

Tie-dye never really vanish from the fashion map. It has always been there, sometimes less, sometimes more. Let’s take a closer look as to how it travelled time.

The route map of tie-dye

The earliest records of tie-dye clothing have been found in Japan and China. The process that used natural dyes from roots, leaves, berries to colour fabrics, and so on, was practised during the Chinese T’ang Dynasty and Japanese Nara period during the 6th Century.

The dyes were made by boiling the natural products, and the fabrics were then immersed and soaked in the hot dyed colour.

In India, a similar practice that started in the 6th century is known as Bandhani and is still very prevalent in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

tie-dye clothing uk

Tie-Dye in America

In the 1920s, the process of tie-dyeing grew popular in the US and remained popular even nine years later during the Great Depression as it gave people a chance to decorate their clothes at home, and very economically.

Tie-dye clothing in the Hippie Era made it a statement

The decade that is most associated with tie-dye skirts and patchwork dungarees. While the style was neither recognised, nor been “in trend” for a few years, and it was the hippies who donned it, served as a way to break the barriers and a pocket-friendly way to showcase creativity most modestly. The hippies always longed to escape from the societal norms and harsh realities of life during the 1950s, this styled reflected a free-spirited vibe. Sometime later when the celebrities adopted the style, it became a trend, and continues to be one of the most iconic styles.

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The ‘80s and beyond

patchwork skirts

While patchwork skirts and tie-dye clothing UK come back in style every few years, they became extremely popular in the 1980s. During this time, fashion designers also started incorporating these into fashion shows. The newer dyes stayed for a longer time and offered much varied colours.

Today, tie-dye has become popular than ever. From pastel hues, minimal colours to bright, neon-coloured swirls, there are tie-dye styles that suit everyone.

Styling tie-dye outfits for everyday wear

The tie-dye outfits are creating a rage in the apparel industry and this time it is just not limited to top-wear. From tie-dye skirts to jumpsuits, dresses, or loungewear, the colours are spread everywhere. Even accessories are made available in these funky prints.

Here are some ways in which you can incorporate tie-dye in your daily style


In the summers, wear a tie-dyed dress for a brunch or just a day out. Layer it with a jacket or coat in winter. Choose the right colours that you are comfortable in. If you do not like bright shades, then opt for something in pastel shades. If you feel it’s too much for you to handle, wear a black or white tee atop the dress, wear a thin belt and tuck the tee below the belt, and let the dress look like a skirt.

patchwork skirts


A harem pant or palazzos with tie-dye would be a great choice for a day out at the beach or a picnic. You can go for plain, solid-coloured tees or plain tank tops and denim jackets to complete this look.


Pencil or flowy, long or short, tie-dye skirts are a great choice when it comes to imparting a feminine yet fun vibe to your look. Pair it with a funky crop top and statement jewellery to complete this look.


Step out in style with a dash of colours with a tie-dyed jacket which you can wear on a mono-coloured outfit, and this will catch attention.

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